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Mark Feffer is the Managing Editor of Dice. He started as a videotape editor back when there was videotape to edit, then joined the news desk at Dow Jones News/Retrieval, the company's first online product. He produced The Wall Street Journal's first multimedia CD-ROMs and published his novel, "September," in 2006. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, their fierce terrier, and a schnauzer who wonders why she ever left California. He's a member of the Project Management Institute.

3 Stories on Computer Science Degrees

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Employers like computer science graduates because of their innate smarts, but some shy away from hiring them because of their lack of business and real-world development skills. To help put your degree in context, here are three stories to bear in mind as you transition from the academic world to the workplace. 5 Things to Learn About Computer Science Degrees Computer science degrees come with a common misconception, which often discourages students from pursuing those studies: They’ll turn you into… continue…

athenahealth to Add 600 Jobs in Austin

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Austin Skyline
Medical technology services provider athenahealth plans to expand into Austin, Texas, after state and local officials dangled a $5.5 million incentive package in front of it. The company says the move is part of a national growth strategy aimed at improving service for clients throughout the healthcare industry. Over the next 10 years, it will add some 600 software development and R&D jobs in Austin, and spend approximately $13 million to redevelop a 110,000-square-foot space in the city’s downtown. “Austin… continue…

Who Me? Network? Join Us Live

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Dice News Hangouts
Join us today for a live Google Hangout on how you can make yourself comfortable with networking. We’ll start at 2 p.m. ET. Watch the Hangout live by clicking here. Our guests are Lynne Goldman and Susan Morris of the Pennsylvania career development firm Merit Systems. They’ll give us tips to help you reach out in ways that fit with your own comfortable, personal style. We’ve all heard that networking is the best way to get a job and to… continue…

Facebook Expands in NYC, Plans Hiring

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Facebook Wall NY
With an eye toward expansion, Facebook is moving its New York office from midtown to 770 Broadway in the city’s more tech-centric lower Manhattan. CNET says that although the team began working out of the new space Monday, the “official” opening will take place in the spring. After that, the company plans to host meetups and other events for the local tech community. Currently, Facebook has 320 employees in New York, about 100 of whom are engineers.  Moving downtown, observes… continue…

The Key to Landing a Job at Google May Surprise You

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Google Headquarters
Any time Google comes up with something new in its hiring, the news is sliced, sifted and stirred like the tea leaves gypsies use to predict the future. Given that the company’s renowned for its smart and motivated workforce, it’s no wonder. Competitors regularly look to lure away its talent, and tech professionals plot their best approach to getting a seat on one of its wireless-equipped buses. Working at Google is a credential not only because of the projects you’ve… continue…

Coming Soon: Video Technical Interviews

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Video Interview
Yahoo’s purchase last week of San Francisco startup Distill was about its team’s background in mobile advertising. To us, though, what’s interesting is the company’s most recent effort: a new online approach to technical interviews. Distill, which is being shut down by Yahoo, was working on tools to combine video conferencing with coding challenges. Essentially, a manager could conduct a video interview and assign coding problems at the same time, watching and collaborating with the candidate as they worked through… continue…

Layoffs Hit Bank of America’s Tech Unit

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Bank of America Logo
Bank of America is laying off a number of its technology and operations workers, many of them in Charlotte, N.C. The company didn’t disclose the number of positions affected, but this is the second round of layoffs to hit the unit in the last two months, according to the Charlotte Observer. The division, of about 100,000 employees, makes up about a third of B of A’s staff throughout the country. “Bank of America remains one of the nation’s leading employers,… continue…

Microsoft’s Diversity at the Top Isn’t a Sea Change

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Sea Change
Microsoft, the world’s biggest software company, now has an Indian CEO and African-American board chair, points out Joel Dreyfuss in the Root. But that’s no indication that their appointments signal a trend toward greater diversity in Silicon Valley. It’s hard to believe that race played much of a role in getting these men their jobs. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s new CEO, is a well-regarded engineer who formerly headed its enterprise business. While there, he oversaw creation of the Cloud OS platform… continue…

ADP to Create 110 Software, Data Jobs in N.Y. City

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New York
Human capital management solutions provider ADP will create an “innovation lab” in New York City, creating 110 jobs on top of 22 that already exist. The new positions include software developers and data scientists, said the office of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. ADP already employs 2,900 people at nine facilities in New York State. Its R&D organization develops all of the software that the company provides to clients, and has approximately 3,000 staffers in 30 states. The company has… continue…

The Out-of-Channels Project That Turned eBay Around

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eBay Logo
The story of how Jack Abraham, while the 20-something head of eBay Local, blew off the company’s bureaucracy and redesigned the site to incorporate a Facebook-like newsfeed into its home page is a good illustration of how a small, passionate team can get things done outside of channels. In this case the stakes were high: eBay was looking for a way to turnaround its slumping business, and Abraham had an idea of how to do just that. Before we go… continue…