Dawn Kawamoto

Dawn Kawamoto is the associate editor of Dice. She is an award-winning technology and business reporter, previously working for such publications as CNET's News.com where she reported on a wide range of sectors from enterprise software to mobile computing to Internet darlings and the funding that fueled their growth. In 2002, she was a Gerald Loeb Awards finalist for coverage on Oracle's sales practices.

The Top 5 Tech Jobs in 2013

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As 2013 comes to a close, IT professionals in software development, cloud, mobile, Internet of Things and Big Data not only found their occupations in high demand but also face projections of continued interest from hiring managers and recruiters going in to the new year and all the way to 2018, say industry recruiters and analysts. Software developers, which includes such roles as Web developers, software quality assurance engineers, and computer systems analysts, took the No. 1 spot on a… continue…

How to Cut Your Engineering Recruitment Time in Half

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Candidate Selection
Looking to hire an engineer? Aren’t we all. That’s the problem to the supply and demand equation, which is creating the engineering shortage. But Bret Reckard, a technical recruiting manager at Sequoia Capital, recently offered up some sage advice on how to cut the recruitment time in half. It comes down to employee referrals, according to a TechCrunch post by his colleague Bryan Schreier. He notes Reckard estimates that a company looking for a dozen engineers will spend roughly 1,200… continue…

HP to Expand Layoffs, Restructuring New Business Model?

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Hewlett-Packard revealed in its annual report Monday it plans to cut an additional 5,000 workers as part of its restructuring plan – bringing the total carnage to 34,000 pink slips. These cuts are part of its 2012 company-wide restructuring, which was initially expected to affect 27,000 workers and later revised to 29,000. The company cited “continued market and business pressures” as the reason for increasing the layoffs to 34,000. The additional layoffs also follow a pledge in October by CEO… continue…

Tech’s Unlimited Vacation Time a Scam?

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With the holidays coming to a close, chances are a number of IT professionals are leaving unused vacation time on the table. A recent survey found working Americans will likely leave an average of 12 paid vacation days unused as they exit 2013 – a 30 percent increase from the year before, according to Hotwire.com’s third annual American Travel Behavior survey. These survey results bring into question the true value of the unlimited vacation time perk that companies are increasingly… continue…

Brisk Departures for Telecom CEOs

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Microsoft developers may have been relieved after CEO Steve Ballmer announced his retirement earlier this year. And Acer America’s staff may have felt somewhat satisfied after CEO J.T. Wang announced his resignation in November, given their lack of faith in him. And BlackBerry’s CEO Thorsten Heins, well, he was bound to go at some point. But these tech CEOs weren’t the only ones who headed out the door in 2013. In fact, a total of 180 heads of U.S. tech… continue…

VC Funding Barrier Eases for Women

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Although women stand a greater chance of getting venture funding than they did a decade ago, they’re by no means on equal footing with men when it comes to financing their startups, according to researchers and venture capitalists. The percentage of U.S. venture backing for startups with at least one woman founder reached 13 percent in 2013, dramatically higher than 2004’s 4 percent. Those numbers come from the private equity and venture capital researcher PitchBook. While the number of women… continue…

The Top 10 Technology Trends for 2014

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The growth of Infrastructure as a Service will be one of the top technology trends during 2014, according to three major research firms — Gartner, IDC and Forrester Research. IDC expects data centers to turn into specialized cloud infrastructure services that focus on certain workloads as part of the Cloud Services trend, while Gartner envisions a rise in Hybrid Cloud and IaaS brokers as personal clouds merge with external private clouds. Forrester, meanwhile, foresees a generic IaaS for public, private… continue…

Why Elop Could Still Be Microsoft’s Next CEO

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It won’t come as a surprise that Microsoft engineers are keenly interested in who’ll be the company’s next CEO. So when board member and search committee member John Thompson said that he expects the job will be filled early next year, it created quite a stir. It shouldn’t have. Microsoft’s $7.5 billion buyout deal of Nokia’s devices and services business isn’t expected to close until the first quarter. If you believe the speculation that Microsoft will name the device-maker’s former… continue…

Cadence Design Systems to Layoff in January

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Cadence Design Systems is gearing up to cut 60 workers from its San Jose, Calif., headquarters next month, as the design automation tools maker anticipates ending 2013 with smaller than expected profits. The layoffs are planned for Jan. 4, according to the company’s notice to the State of California. The cuts represent roughly 1 percent of the 5,200 workers the company employed worldwide at the close of 2012. While Cadence is expected to generate revenue of $1.45 billion for 2013… continue…

The Top 10 Tech Skills of 2014

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Tech hiring in 2014 is expected to show modest consistent growth, with 16 percent of U.S. CIOs planning to expand their teams during the first half, an increase of 5 percentage points from this year’s second half. Among the top skills they’ll be looking for are some time-tested technologies that are widely used. “The technologies that are in the highest demand are the ones that have a broad user base. There are a lot of hot technologies like MongoDB that… continue…