Dawn Kawamoto

Dawn Kawamoto is the associate editor of Dice. She is an award-winning technology and business reporter, previously working for such publications as CNET's News.com where she reported on a wide range of sectors from enterprise software to mobile computing to Internet darlings and the funding that fueled their growth. In 2002, she was a Gerald Loeb Awards finalist for coverage on Oracle's sales practices.

Demand for IT Engineers Shows in Salaries

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IT engineers continue to be in demand, and the proof is in their salaries, according to the 2013–2014 PayScale College Salary report. Their roles accounted for a sizable chunk of the top 10 salaries across all industries when measured by median pay for graduates with at least 10 years of experience. Computer engineering majors, sharing sixth place with electrical engineering majors, had an annual median salary of $106,000 for those at the mid-career level. When starting out – with five… continue…

What to Do When Recruiters Don’t Read Your Resume

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A recruiter calls you up about a Java job, iOS developer position or some other hot, hard to fill IT role. But as you talk, it becomes clear that they’ve given your resume little more than a cursory glance. Sadly you’ve gotten one of the six second resume scans that’s often performed by recruiters wading through a pile of resumes with little time to read each one. Of course, you’d hope that they’d spend a little more effort with the… continue…

Why Retail Analytics Specialists Need New Skills

Following the consumer fallout of the massive security breach that engulfed Target, retail analytics specialists may find it tougher to glean valuable shopping data from consumers. Consumers’ privacy concerns have already been heightened by the National Security Agency phone spying debacle, and may be exacerbated by the Target incident, making them more reluctant to willingly share information with retailers. Consulting firm Frost & Sullivan predicts that 2014 will be the year of privacy, says InformationWeek. In the wake of all… continue…

5 Tips for Women to Get Ahead in Tech

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Women engineers who are eyeing the CTO’s office face a number of challenges as they make their way up the ladder. But despite having to handle everything from stereotypes to biases in a male dominated environment, women can up the odds when putting these five tools to work. Identify a Mentor. Although woman engineers often seek out women mentors, the pickings can be slim in IT, given that women account for approximately 25 percent of the technology workforce. As a… continue…

How Dropbox and Facebook Approach Hiring

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Landing the right talent is tough even for industry brand names like Dropbox and Facebook — so much so that these companies are using a technique called “searchlight meetings” to source employee referrals, reports Business Insider. The technique goes beyond an email cattle call. Rather than encouraging employees to offer up referrals and even offer up a finder’s fee, searchlight meetings bring together employees to exchange ideas on potential hires who are worth referring to the company. YesGraph, an employee… continue…

Intel Says New Cuts May Come From Attrition

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Intel is planning to cut approximately 5,380 workers from its payroll this year, representing a 5 percent workforce reduction. The move comes as the company faces fallout from slowing PC sales and efforts to gain traction with tablets and low-power chips that have yet to take off. “This is part of aligning our resources with the needs of the business,” says Chris Kraeuter, an Intel spokesman. He declined to elaborate which business units or locations will be affected. Intel typically… continue…

4 Ways Business App Devs Can Leverage Consumerization

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It’s become clear over the past several years that the consumerization of IT isn’t going away as employees adopt new software and hardware for their own personal use, then introduce it into their companies. For enterprise app developers, the idea that consumer apps are infiltrating their domain may seem a bit frightening. But that’s the wrong attitude. Instead, why not glom onto the features that make consumer apps so desirable and apply them to the enterprise? Leyla Seka, Salesforce.com’s vice… continue…

Revealing Numbers on Tech’s Racial Diversity

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It’s an increasingly accepted notion that diversity leads to innovation and better products, since different types of people bring different points of view to the table. That’s one reason it’s important to have cross-cultural teams in place throughout the tech world. Unfortunately, lack of diversity can be self-perpetuating: A number of minority professionals get fed up with the monochrome character of their workplace and move on to other opportunities. According to the National Science Foundation, blacks, Latinos, Native Americans, Alaska… continue…

Are PaaS Skills Still in Demand?

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Cloud specialists placing a premium on Platform as a Service skills may be wondering if it’s such a smart approach. A recent report by the 451 Research Group raises the question of whether PaaS will eventually morph into one of two cloud sectors – Software as a Service or Infrastructure as a Service, reports Network World. It was just two years ago that some cloud specialists declared that IaaS had become a commodity and PaaS was the place to be… continue…

Social Media Fails as a Job Performance Indicator

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Although employers and recruiters are increasingly relying on job seekers’ social media profiles to help them make hiring decisions, a recent study by Florida State University found no correlation between job performance and the pics and posts on a candidate’s profile, says Business Insider. In the study, 86 recruiters reviewed the Facebook profile, photos and wall of 416 college students who were on the hunt for a full-time job. Each recruiter then rated the ability of five students to find… continue…