Dawn Kawamoto

Dawn Kawamoto is the associate editor of Dice. She is an award-winning technology and business reporter, previously working for such publications as CNET's News.com where she reported on a wide range of sectors from enterprise software to mobile computing to Internet darlings and the funding that fueled their growth. In 2002, she was a Gerald Loeb Awards finalist for coverage on Oracle's sales practices.

Ericsson Has Boston Hiring Plans After Azuki Acquisition

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Telecommunications equipment and services behemoth Ericsson has acquired Boston-area mobile video software company Azuki Systems, potentially setting the stage for more IT acquisitions in the city. The Azuki acquisition marks the first Boston deal for Ericsson. Azuki Chairman and Atlas Venture Partner Chris Lynch told the Boston Business Journal that it wouldn’t be all that surprising if Ericsson snapped up another five or six area mobile and analytic companies in the next few years. Other companies that had their eyes… continue…

What It’s Like to Work at StumbleUpon

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StumbleUpon Logo
StumbleUpon has the best of both worlds – the agility of a startup and the stability of a 12-year-old company. At least that’s how its vice president of engineering, Paul Antaki, sees it. The San Francisco-based company offers up Web pages, videos and photos based on subscribers’ self-selected likes and dislikes. It’s powered by a lean but growing crew of approximately 90 people, of which half work in technology. The site relies heavily on Hadoop, R, Raku and Octave, and… continue…

Technical Consulting and Management Jobs Jump in January

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Growth Trend
Management and technical consulting jobs jumped nearly 5 percent in January to 1.2 million positions, as corporate America continues to embrace the notion of having outsiders handle their IT work despite an improving economy. A recent report, for example, found tech and other knowledge workers are among the most highly sought after contractors or consultants, compared with other industries, as companies find they like the flexibility in scaling back and increasing their workforce without the need to pay expensive benefits.… continue…

Intel Raises Bar on Executive Bonuses

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Faced with a weakening PC market and a mobile strategy that has yet to take off, Intel has raised the bar for bonuses and a compensation bumps. The chip giant has increased the number of senior executives and managers who are part of its stock-based compensation program seven-fold to 350 people, up from 50, according to Intel’s letter to shareholders released earlier this week. But starting this year, these stock-based awards will carry more risk on the downside. If the… continue…

3 Great Salary Negotiation Strategies for Women

Contract Negotiation
Looking for a way to strengthen your presence during a negotiating session? Here’s a simple trick: Say “I” instead of “we.” M.J. Tocci, director and co-founder of the Heinz Negotiation Academy for Women at Carnegie Mellon University, says the “we” problem is common among women, and it’s based in the messages and stereotypes they face growing up. “The mistakes women make in negotiating salary and other things aren’t because they’re not smart enough or savvy enough,” says Tocci. “The problems… continue…

New Microsoft CEO Unlikely to Stem Defections

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Letter of Resignation
After Microsoft announced earlier this year that it was planning a massive re-organization, IT workers at the Redmond giant began to inundate recruiters with their resumes, as they considered bolting. Now that Microsoft has named long-time in-house executive Satya Nadella as its new CEO, will the outflow subside? Several Seattle-area recruiters say it’s unlikely. “People who were thinking of leaving to work on the latest and greatest things elsewhere will say, ‘I don’t see anything changing with the new CEO,’… continue…

Dell Confirms Layoffs; Says Less than 15,000

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Responding to earlier reports that it was looking to cut 15,000 workers from its payroll, struggling Dell says the figure is way off the mark and that a “very small percentage” of its workers are taking a voluntary buyout, according to The Register. Still, the privately held Texas-based company declined to say just how many “very small” amounts to. At the end of its fiscal year in February 2013, Dell had 111,300 employees. In a statement, the company said, “It… continue…

Why Windows Developers Should Learn Android

As more PC makers load Android into their desktops, it might be a good time for Windows developers to become familiar with Google’s OS. Earlier this month, Hewlett Packard unveiled its first commercial Android All in One PC – the HP Slate21 Pro AiO. The desktop is designed to provide simple integration with Android-based phones and tablets, as well as automatically sync with Google Cloud Services. Meanwhile, Asus has its Transformer AiO P1801 and Lenovo its N308. David Chie, president… continue…

Zynga to Cut 15 Percent of Staff

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Zynga's FarmVille
Struggling games maker Zynga is taking an axe to its workforce again, this time cutting 15 percent of its employees, the company said. Zynga made its announcement as part of its fourth quarter earnings report, which revealed a 31.8 percent drop in annual revenue, to $873 million, along with a narrower loss of $37 million. Zynga plans to cut 314 employees and take other cost-cutting measures, such as lowering the amount it spends on its data center infrastructure. Last year,… continue…

A Yahoo Trolls for Google Alumni

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Spying Eye
It’s no surprise that Yahoo would want to mine Marissa Mayer’s old stomping grounds for new talent. At least one of its employees is doing just that, somewhat brashly, according to Re/code. A Yahoo employee posted a cattle call for Java FE, BE and C++ experts on Xoogler, a group for Google corporate alumni. When you think about it, it’s a smart move: Go after your competitors’ former engineering talent if you can’t get enough of its current employees. Xoogler… continue…