Dawn Kawamoto

Dawn Kawamoto is the associate editor of Dice. She is an award-winning technology and business reporter, previously working for such publications as CNET's News.com where she reported on a wide range of sectors from enterprise software to mobile computing to Internet darlings and the funding that fueled their growth. In 2002, she was a Gerald Loeb Awards finalist for coverage on Oracle's sales practices.

Answer These 4 Questions for a Job at StumbleUpon

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Landing@ StumbleUpon
Twelve-year-old StumbleUpon likes to think it melds the agility of a startup with the stability of an established business. The San Francisco-based company offers a discovery engine that matches Web pages, videos and photos to a subscriber’s self-selected likes and dislikes. It’s powered by a lean but growing crew of approximately 90 people, half of whom work in technology. The site relies heavily on Hadoop, R, Raku and Octave, and programmers work primarily with Java, PHP, Scala and some C++.… continue…

5 Unusual Ways to Look for Your Tech Job

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Google T-shirt
Typically, we think of job searches as being about networking, resumes, interviews and the like. But sometimes unusual approaches can pay off, too, especially when you’re in the early stages and working to identify prospective employers. Zach Dearth, recruiting director at Randstad Technologies in Boston, says he and his team have heard of some interesting approaches over the years. Job hunting is never fun and at times it can be ego-bruising, so some of the tactics below can seem like… continue…

5 Things Impacting Your IT Job Search Right Now

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The unemployment rate in technology is running well below the national average – 3.5 percent during 2013’s fourth quarter — and employers regularly complain that there are too few candidates available for too many IT jobs. That’s good. But it doesn’t mean you can approach your job search cavalierly. In any environment, it’s important to understand the dynamics at work so you can position yourself in the best way possible. Here are five dynamics of today’s tech job market you… continue…

Juniper Eyes Layoffs as Part of Restructuring

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Juniper Networks
Juniper Networks is planning to cut $160 million from its operating expenses this year, a move that’s likely to lead to significant layoffs. That was the case back in 2012, when Juniper wanted to slice $150 million from its operating expenses and ultimately cut 5 percent of its workforce, or approximately 500 people. When the company exited 2012, it had 9,234 full-time employees, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Sunnyvale, Calif., router and switching company… continue…

IBM Strikes Deal With NY to Retain 3,100 Jobs

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IBM and the State of New York Monday cut a deal that would spare 3,100 workers in the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas through the end of 2016, even as the company takes a $1 billion restructuring charge in the first quarter. But employees, posting comments to the IBM union site Alliance@IBM, wonder what will happen with the remaining workforce in the area, which numbers approximately 7,000. Big Blue’s workers have been buffeted by a number of layoffs throughout the… continue…

Which Hackathons Are Right for Job Seekers?

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A number of IT companies stage hackathons as a way to identify and recruit the technology talent they need. But the people they’re targeting don’t always appreciate the effort. Indeed, these companies are experiencing something of a backlash. In a recent post on Hackers and Hacking, HackMatch founder Dave Fontenot notes that the reasons businesses stage hackathons and the reasons developers participate are “fundamentally different.” A very small portion of attendees want to be recruited, he contends, and those who… continue…

5 Great Places to Work for IT Interns

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Looking around for a summer gig as an IT intern? Well, here are five top technology companies that made it onto Glassdoor’s 25 Highest Rated Companies Hiring Interns list. In looking at the top five technology companies and perusing comments from their IT interns, we thought you’d be interested in getting a glimpse into the companies as seen through the eyes of these college students and recent grads. Facebook The social media giant ranked No. 1 on the list and… continue…

These Are the Traits Amazon Likes in Tech Hires

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IT job seekers complain of the hoops they have to jump through to work at Google or Microsoft. Amazon’s not much different, though it does have its own unique set of hoops. To be a manager at the online retail giant, a person must have a certain personality profile, or at least be willing to adapt, transform and become an Amazonian, says George Packer in the New Yorker. And, according to a former Amazon employee he quotes, prospective managers need… continue…

Should This Contractor Have Quit Apple?

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Letter of Resignation
Mobile designer Jordan Price thought he’d scored his dream job when he was hired as a design contractor at Apple. He viewed the job as a resume-builder, worthwhile even if he was making less money than he had in previous gigs and had to endure a rigid work schedule and long commute. But, as he describes in a blog post on Apple Daily, trouble soon emerged in paradise in the form of passive-aggressive boss and an unbendable culture. (He) had… continue…

Digital Risk to Cut Up to 745 Fla. Workers

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Digital Risk, a Florida-based mortgage risk-analysis software maker, is planning to cut up to 745 full-time positions in the state on April 12, according to the Jacksonville Business Journal. The company cited a sharp decline in refinancing loans as the need to restructure its workforce. Digital Risk isn’t the only financial company cutting back on its staff lately. Bank of America is letting go a number of its technology and operations workers. In the case of Digital Risk, the company… continue…