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Working at Google May Not Be That Great After All

Working at Google, widely considered Silicon Valley’s most prestigious employer, may not be all its cracked up to be. For example, consider a recent Quora thread on the subject: “The worst part of working at Google, for many people, is that they’re overqualified for their job,” wrote a former employee. “There are students from top 10 colleges who are providing tech support for Google’s ads products, or manually taking down flagged content from YouTube, or writing basic code to A|B… continue…

Amazon’s Seeking Engineers for Super-Secure CIA Cloud

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Having trumped IBM for a $600 million cloud contract with the Central Intelligence Agency, Amazon Web Services is hiring the hundreds of engineers and other professionals necessary to bring the spooks’ new super-secure cloud to life. The company is reportedly hiring 500 employees at AWS’s recently opened Herndon, Va., facility, located not far from CIA headquarters in Langley. Included in many of the descriptions posted on Amazon’s jobs site is a qualification already familiar to those the company expects to… continue…

Reseller Jobs Hint at Stronger Efforts by Google

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Google is adding a handful of positions – four to be exact – to its cloud reseller team. That’s seen as a good sign for companies partnering with the big G in marketing Google App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage and Big Query products. While four positions at a company that already is home to 46,000 may seem teensy, the impact on resellers could result in partner hiring as the new Googlers make their mark. The four positions… continue…

Six Tech Fields Students Should Watch

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Students who concentrate on courses related to math, science, engineering and technology will have the widest array of job options upon graduation, says a top observer of corporate hiring. John Challenger, chief executive officer of outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, believes it’s OK for students to begin college looking for an interesting career, but their search should to be rooted in the reality of what jobs will be available when they graduate. “Many freshmen have no idea what career… continue…

Gestures Are the Next Big Thing in UI

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For the most part, user interfaces today require users themselves to do all the work. But as technology evolves to allow people to use gestures alone, that’s changing. The result: Working with technology is becoming more natural and more effective. For example, in the near future it may be possible to refuse a call simply by looking at a ringing phone and shaking your head. If you’ve stopped paying attention or left the room, the app might pause to await… continue…

Why It’s So Hard to Get Promoted at Amazon

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Getting a promotion at Amazon isn’t easy. Indeed, some say the process is brutal. And moving up may have more do to with your boss’s ability to present your case than how well you actually perform your job. According to a new book that describes life inside the online retail giant, promotion at Amazon requires having a boss willing to go to bat for you against his or her peers. Your boss also can’t have been recently promoted. And it… continue…

EMC Sues Ex-Employees for Jumping Ship

A hot Silicon Valley data storage startup that’s looking to double its staff faces a challenge that goes beyond the tight talent market: Some of its recruits are being sued by their former employer. After reportedly losing 30 employees, EMC Corp. has gone to court, the Boston Globe reports. The company is suing some former employees and their new employer, Pure Storage Inc., based in Mountain View, Calif. Pure expects to add 300 workers next year. The company’s website says… continue…

Intel Closing Development Office in Washington State

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Intel plans to close its DuPont, Wash. office, resulting in more than half of the 700 workers there being offered jobs at other locations, the company said. A small number may face layoffs. The announcement follows closures in New Mexico and Massachusetts announced last month. Originally built to house up to 3,000 workers, the DuPont facility, located about 20 miles south of Tacoma, will be cut to 300 workers, provided Intel can lease part of the property back from its… continue…

Tech Leaders Focus Recruiting on BlackBerry’s Workforce

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In Waterloo, Ontario, where struggling BlackBerry is still referred to as a “tech giant” by newspapers, the outlook for 4,500 laid-off workers may not be as grim as outsiders believe. The likes of Apple and Intel are lining up to meet with former BlackBerry engineers and programmers. Meanwhile, others — including Google’s Motorola Mobility unit and e-payments company Square – are opening offices near BlackBerry headquarters. In addition, growing Canadian companies like Shopify have already begun snatching up BlackBerry talent,… continue…

What the ‘Digital Industrial Economy’ Means for Jobs

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In the new “Digital Industrial Economy,” described this week by Gartner, “every budget (is) an IT budget, every company (is) a technology company, every business is becoming a digital leader and every person is becoming a technology company.” On first glance, this might seem to create vast opportunities for those with IT skills in the years to come. Already, we’re seeing more technology professionals being moved into hybrid roles, where they combine their expertise with, say, marketing functions. However, the… continue…