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4 Signs You’re Being Pushed Out of Your Company

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Being Excluded
How do you know when the end of your job is near — when the company you used to love, and may still, is pushing you out the door? Every case is different, of course, but experts say there are some common signs to look out for. The most-cited is when you find yourself shunted away from critical path projects. While it may not be happening because someone’s trying to point you to the door, if it goes on too… continue…

Is ‘Big Tech’ On the Way Out?

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Out the Door
Are big tech companies on the decline? In a post on Re/code, venture capitalist Matt McIlwain argues that they are. Though I don’t think the evidence he cites is either new or compelling, tech workers should still be aware. “IBM just reported its seventh straight quarter of declining sales, and I believe that the value of big cap technology companies as a group will substantially decline in the coming years,” McIlwain wrote. He says the changes in enterprise technology markets… continue…

A Tenuous Future for Google Code?

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Google Code Logo
Google Code, the company’s project-hosting site for developers, could soon get the axe, reports InfoWorld. The “most obvious” reason why Google Code might be dumped is that it hasn’t added a new feature since 2011, InfoWorld notes, though there is also the rise of GitHub, which has accelerated the practice of coding as a “collective and social” endeavor — exactly what Google Code had set out to accomplish. Indeed, the last feature added to Google Code was the addition of… continue…

Amazon’s Closed Approach to Open Source Costs It Talent

Declinced Job Offer
Amazon’s unwillingness to contribute to the open source projects it relies on is costing it potential talent as some tech professionals avoid the company, says the Register. Insiders describe Amazon as a “black hole” where improvements and fixes for open-source software are kept close to the vest, a policy that comes “right from the top.” Amazon contributes far less software code and research papers to open source projects than either Microsoft or Google, its main rivals. The secrecy goes so… continue…

How Facebook Ships Code Twice a Day

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If you think of open source and don’t think of Facebook, you probably should. The social network has quietly been enhancing open source technologies, including PHP and Mercurial source control. “Facebook’s main source repository is enormous — many times larger than even the Linux kernel, which checked in at 17 million lines of code and 44,000 files in 2013,” wrote Durham Goode and Siddharth Agarwal in a Facebook blog. “Given our size and complexity, and Facebook’s practice of shipping code… continue…

Dell Poised to Lay Off As Many as 9,000

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Layoffs appear to be the next phase of Dell’s “voluntary separation program,” according to The Register. The Austin computer maker reportedly plans to axe 20 percent of its U.S. marketing and sales force, and 30 percent of them in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The site estimates that as many as 9,000 Dell employees may get the boot, a figure the company reportedly denies but does not offer a correction for. “We asked Dell about this. It said our… continue…

Job Hunting Tricks for Older Tech Workers

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Older Job Seeker Interviewing
Is there any place in tech for a worker over age 50? Not according to a number of once-successful professionals who lost jobs before or during the recession and now find it all-but-impossible to return to work. However, career experts and rehired workers say reentry is possible, though the rules for making it happen have changed. You may have seen the cartoon that shows one person saying to another: “We’re looking for someone with the wisdom of a 50-year-old, the… continue…

Startups Can Be Quick to Fire New Employees

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Layed Off Employee
If you are considering a job offer from a startup, think twice. Why? Because startup companies may not give a second thought when it comes to firing you. As The Wall Street Journal says, “[Startups] are reinventing the way companies work: Firing people before the ink is dry on their employment contracts.” Joining a startup is filled with risk. The biggest and most obvious is the fact that most don’t survive long enough to make anyone rich. Less obvious to… continue…

Dell Workers Wary of ‘Voluntary Separation’

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Dell Logo
Michael Dell says running a private company is “a lot more fun” than running a public one. With his $25 billion buyout completed in October, Dell says his company is now focused on the longer term, though some current employees won’t be around to see what comes next. Earlier this month, the company announced what it’s calling a “voluntary separation program” intended to weed out those who don’t share Dell’s “passion and enthusiasm” for life as a private company. The… continue…

Dell Offers Voluntary Separation to Those Without ‘Passion’

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Dell Logo
In what looks suspiciously like a campaign to encourage voluntary separations ahead of mandatory layoffs, newly private Dell has told employees that if they don’t share management’s “passion and enthusiasm” for the next phase of corporate life they are welcome to leave. The Register quotes an internal memo, which the company has confirmed: We hope you share in our passion and enthusiasm for Dell’s exciting next chapter. It’s going to take everyone’s hard work and commitment to become the leading… continue…