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Big Data Spurs New Role: the Chief Data Officer

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Chief Data Executive
The C-suite is getting a new title on an office door: chief data officer. Inside sits the executive responsible for making enterprise data benefit the organization as an asset while assuring the quality of information being gathered and used. What this means to the existing IT infrastructure and the people who support it depends on how the position is created, what support staff is provided and who the CDO reports to. It also depends on how the CDO role is… continue…

Why Infrastructure Companies Aren’t Cool Anymore

Guys Working at StumbleUpon
The illustration says it best, saving at least a thousand words. It shows a middle-aged khaki-clad engineer talking with a hoodie and jeans 20-something colleague. “When will you make something that matters?” asks the elder. “When will you make something cool?” responds the youth. That sums up what The New York Times Magazine calls “Silicon Valley’s Youth Problem,” in which infrastructure companies can’t attract the best talent because young people want to be where the cool – and the money… continue…

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Worry About a Bubble

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Soap Bubble
Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp is seen by some as the clearest sign yet that we’re in the midst of a tech bubble that could threaten jobs in both startups and established IT firms. But not everyone agrees. “Obviously there have been some really big prices paid for tech companies recently,” says former Apple CEO John Sculley, citing both the WhatsApp acquisition and Google’s $3.4 billion purchase of Nest. The size of both deals shocked many Silicon Valley watchers.… continue…

Are There Jobs for ‘Entrepreneurs in Residence?’

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So you want to become an entrepreneur-in-residence? Know upfront that your chances aren’t very good. And if you wonder whether you have the necessary qualifications, you almost certainly don’t. Entrepreneurs-in-residence work in both business and academia. What they do can vary a great deal, yet all have one thing in common: They’ve been involved with at least one – and usually several – successful startups. At venture capital firms, where most EIRs reside, there’s no single job description. Indeed, “EIR”… continue…

Meet the New Venture Capitalist: Your CIO

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Chief Information Officers will soon behave more like venture capitalists and less like their old selves, making bets and taking losses while racking up the occasional big win. What’s more, their bosses are going to like the new approach. So says Deloitte’s Tech Trends 2014, an annual report that attempts to tease out the big trends in information management. Topping its list of developments is this notion of CIOs accepting higher risk than previously acceptable while managing a portfolio of… continue…

More Companies Adopt ‘No Jerk’ Policies

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Angry Man
When it comes to hiring, there are two rules that Nimble Storage CEO Suresh Vasudevan follows. One’s a headline-grabber, the other obvious, if not often followed. “First, we do not hire jerks,” Vasudevan told the Register. “If I can choose between an arrogant rocket scientist and an agreeable guy that I love to work with — that isn’t quite as talented yet, I choose the latter.” The strategy, which Silicon Valley regulars may recognize as uncommon, has apparently worked well.… continue…

Follow Investors’ Dollars to Job Opportunities

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Nest Thermostat
“Follow the money” is a phrase many still associate with corruption scandals. But the same principle works for tech investments. If you want to know what’s really happening — and why — the money trail will lead you to answers. The recent Consumer Electronics Show, for example, spotlighted big trends that are getting big funding and will create potentially big hiring. Analyst Tim Bajarin, who has attended the last 30 of these shows, says the key trends in 2014 are… continue…

Facebook’s WhatsApp Buyout Turns Messaging Engineers Red Hot

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Facebook Messenger
It is a grand time to be an engineer working for a messaging company, especially if one of those companies is WhatsApp or Snapchat, both of which are looking to boost their share of the growing mobile messaging market. Facebook’s massive $19 billion cash and stock buyout offer for the Mountain View, Calif., startup WhatsApp is expected to turn an already high demand for mobile developers and engineers into a red hot one for those who come from the messaging… continue…

Google to Expand San Francisco Offices, Add Engineers

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google maps
Google has taken over a 35,000-square-foot former print shop in San Francisco’s trendy Mission District, the new digs reportedly intended to house as many as 200 engineers from startups the search giant has acquired or will in the future. The Financial Times reported the deal, saying that engineers don’t like the commute to Silicon Valley and want to stay in San Francisco, but in a smaller office more like a startup. Facing fierce competition for top engineering talent, Google and… continue…

Majority of Engineers May Job Hop in 2014

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2014 Opportunities
With tech salaries rising a modest 3 percent last year and IT professionals realizing the best way to bump up their salaries is land a new job, it’s not all that shocking that a new study finds more than 60 percent of engineers may seek a new job in 2014. And, of this group, 40 percent are already looking, according to the survey conducted by Experis, a unit of ManpowerGroup. “At the same time, 95 percent of hiring managers of… continue…