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Is Netflix Really Bigger Than Comcast?

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Netflix (NFLX) released its quarterly earnings yesterday and, while the market was somewhat underwhelmed, subscriber numbers are impressive. In fact, GigaOm declares, “Netflix Now Officially Has More Subscribers Than Comcast.” Indeed, at first blush, Netflix’s 23.6 million subscribers does exceed Comcast’s 22.8 million. But what exactly does that suggest and is it a reasonable comparison? From a financial stand point, the proclamation doesn’t hold water as Comcast’s revenue is orders of magnitudes larger than Netflix’s. And it’s not like these two are necessarily direct… continue…

B&N’s Nook Color Embraces Its Tablet Destiny

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Nook Color Apps
After a humble beginning with a color e-book reader merely built upon the Android platform, Barnes & Noble heard the community and has embraced its tablet destiny. With a substantial Android 2.2 software update released yesterday, the B&N Nook Color is now more multimedia tablet device than e-book reader. However, unlike a full-fledged Android tablet, the NC retains a custom reading-centric skin. By the same token, the Nook also retains modest $250 e-reader pricing — about half the cost of competing gadgetry… continue…

Revisiting The Google TV

Google TV Update
We aim to serve. And, by request, the Logitech Revue Google TV was dusted off for a quick look at HBOGo. At least that was the plan… Like CrunchGear, I originally had a difficult time constructing our Logitech Revue, er, review headline and ultimately landed on the Star Wars inspired  “A New Hope” – as there was a whole lot of anticipation ahead of Google TV’s launch. Indeed, I was pretty fired up when the $300 box arrived, courtesy Logitech. Without doubt,… continue…