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Chandler Harris is a freelance business and technology writer located in Silicon Valley. He has written for numerous publications including Entrepreneur, InformationWeek, San Jose Magazine, Government Technology, Public CIO,, U.S. Banker, Digital Communities Magazine, Converge Magazine, Surfer's Journal, Adventure Sports Magazine,, and the San Jose Business Journal. Chandler is also engaged in helping companies further their content marketing needs through content strategy, optimization and creation, as well as blogging and social media platforms. When he's not writing, Chandler enjoys his beach haunt of Santa Cruz where he rides roller coasters with his son, surfs and bikes across mountain ranges.

HP Says New Elitebook Boasts 32 Hour Battery Life

Hewlett-Packard says they have addressed the battery life conundrum with its new EliteBook, a laptop they claim has a battery that lasts up to 32.5 hours. I tried the HP EliteBook 8460P to see if it could truly last 32.5 hours as promised. The computer itself is a fully loaded enterprise laptop with platinum casing, powered Intel Core i5-2520M Processor and 2 GB RAM. Yet the battery included in the laptop runs about 10 hours. I discovered that the key… continue…

Shifting From Tech Expert to Organizational Leader [Guest Post]

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This post was submitted by Robert P. Hewes and Alan M. Patterson. Moving from a job as a technical expert to an organizational leader represents a unique challenge that is more complex and has far greater impact than adding more technical knowledge.  Becoming an organizational leader means transforming technical competence into business success. With decades of combined experience in working with clients in technical areas such as R&D, engineering, IT, and Finance and Accounting, we have witnessed four key areas… continue…

Foxconn Stories Pose a Dilemma for Apple Workers. Or Not.

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Is working for Apple ethically tricky? Sure, the company is innovative, pays its (U.S.) employees well and offers tons of perks, but how about those conditions at the infamous Foxconn factory? Apple may be the second richest company in the world — but a big chunk of those riches come from cheap Chinese labor. Indeed, Apple’s margins are deep in part because Foxconn Technology Group cut its rates so that it could retain manufacturing orders for the iPhone and iPad.… continue…

AOL’s IM Cuts May Be About Performance, Not Money

AOL has sent pink slips to 40 employees in its  Instant Messenger unit at the company’s Silicon Valley office, which has been “eviscerated and now only consists of support staff,” according to the New York Times. More than 100 additional cuts are upcoming at AOL, including cuts to, the company’s attempt to transform local media, according to anonymous AOL executives cited in the Times. “We are making some strategic but very difficult changes to better align our resources with… continue…

Cincinnati Needs Tech Pros… Badly

Cincinnati suffers from chronically high unemployment, yet hundreds of open tech jobs go unfilled for months, or longer, according to This reflects an ongoing national trend as the U.S. labor pool shifts to address the increasing demand for tech professionals in business. Tech jobs in Ohio pay well. Last January, nearly 2,100 tech jobs were advertised in online and help wanted ads, according to data compiled by from the 2018 Ohio Job Outlook Employment Projections report. The department says that… continue…

Cybersecurity Pros Get Job Security, Raises from Feds

Cybersecurity professionals continue to face job security and demand for their services by the federal government, who can’t find enough of them. The recent 2012 Career Impact Survey by ISC2, found federal cybersecurity professionals experienced stable employment, career advancement opportunities and salary increases in 2011. The survey of 545 federal cybersecurity pros found that 97 percent are currently employed and only 8 percent were unemployed at any point in 2011. Pay raises are abundant too, with 62 percent receiving a salary increase in… continue…

SXSW: How to Survive Five Crazy Days

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SXSW 2009 Perez Hilton Party
SXSW Interactive starts Friday, bringing with it panels, parties, demos, parties, speakers, and parties. If you’re going, you have to plan, rest, and possibly drink a lot of Red Bull. Our friend David Spark put together a “No-BS” Guide to Surviving SXSW. They’re straight up tips for making it through life in Austin’s fast lane. Check it out here.

ESPN Will Open its APIs to Third-Party Developers

ESPN hopes that geeks and sports go together. The mega sports media company has opened its doors to developers with a new ESPN Developer Center. It’s the first time the network will allow independent third parties to access its trove of editorial content, stats and other data, all in an effort to encourage creation new Web and mobile apps. ESPN plans a full demonstration and explanation of its API plans at SXSW. “The play for us is making sure we… continue…

Auto Hacking Grows as a Threat

Automakers are worrying about hackers gaining access to the growing number of computer-based controls and mechanisms around which their vehicles are being built. University researchers and security experts are warning that hackers could manipulate a car’s computer controls remotely through its Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or OnStar-type connections. The potential outcomes have caused concerns among automakers and the federal government: Hackers could control the brakes of numerous cars simultaneously, corporate spies could eavesdrop on a motoring executive’s phone calls, or thieves could… continue…

Tech Hiring Growth Should Continue into 2012

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Technology hiring boom is growing at a healthy rate–healthy in this economy, at least–and some observers are even drawing analogies to the dot com boom of the late 90s. And it’s happening across the country, not just in Silicon Valley is having to work harder to find the people it needs. “It is an incredibly competitive job market. Finding the right people is hard,” said Woodson Martin,’s senior vice president for employee success. At the end of October,… continue…