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Chandler Harris is a freelance business and technology writer located in Silicon Valley. He has written for numerous publications including Entrepreneur, InformationWeek, San Jose Magazine, Government Technology, Public CIO,, U.S. Banker, Digital Communities Magazine, Converge Magazine, Surfer's Journal, Adventure Sports Magazine,, and the San Jose Business Journal. Chandler is also engaged in helping companies further their content marketing needs through content strategy, optimization and creation, as well as blogging and social media platforms. When he's not writing, Chandler enjoys his beach haunt of Santa Cruz where he rides roller coasters with his son, surfs and bikes across mountain ranges.

Texas Needs Health IT Pros, Especially Data Managers

Texas needs 10,000 new Health IT workers by 2013 if it’s going to meet its goal of implementing electronic health records in medical settings. That’s according to a report by the Department of Health Information Management at Texas State University – San Marcos. Texas health organizations are primarily looking for professionals with experience in privacy and security, project management, data management, data mining and data analytics. Data management is the real hot button, with 31 percent of respondents saying they need… continue…

Microsoft Incents Developers for Windows Phone Apps

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Microsoft is determined to make Windows Phone a bigger part of the mobile space, so much so that it’s willing to pay developers to create apps for its platform, according to the New York Times. Would you consider developing a Windows Phone App if Microsoft made it worth your while? Let us know by posting a comment below? Many developers don’t write apps for Windows Phone because they don’t want to spend time and money on a market that hasn’t… continue…

HP Pays for Computer Tear Downs

Computer test
What if you could tear apart computers, analyze each component, compile the results and get paid a good salary as well? Or, test the durability of computers through destructive tests? Could you spend the bulk if your day  tearing down, or testing the durability of computers? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.  That’s exactly the awesome, nerdy job Jonathan Rayner has at Hewlett-Packard, whose official title is program manager of HP’s Competitive Analysis and Benchmarking in Global Engineering… continue…

Utah Computer System Design Jobs Rise 12 Percent

Utah’s tech sector is noticeably expanding. Last year, its number of jobs expanded from 65,000 to 75,000, with computer system design positions increasing by nearly 12 percent, while overall scientific and technical jobs increased 9.7 percent. Would you consider moving to Utah for the right job? Post a comment below. A big part of these gains stem from venture capital investment, which increased by 54 percent last year, according to NPR. The state had the second highest job growth in… continue…

Electronic Arts: the ‘Worst Company in America?’

Electronic Arts may have won numerous accolades for its games, yet its latest probably isn’t one you’ll see in the company lobby – The Consumerist’s Worst Company in America award. Does a company’s reputation affect your desire to purchase their products — even cool games? continue…

Hiring Prospects Improve For College Grads

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After four years in which college graduates had little job prospects, college campuses are now full of companies looking to recruit recent graduates. More companies are attending college career fairs and some new grads are receiving multiple job offers. Do you believe the increase in college recruitment signifies the economy is improving? Post your thoughts below.  Employers are expected to hire 10.2 percent more graduates from the class of 2012 than they did from the class of 2011 according to… continue…

GSN Digital Seeks Designers and Developers in D.C.

GSN Digital, the Game Show Network’s video game division, has opened a new office in Washington, D.C., to mine what it says is untapped game developer talent in the region. Would you move to Washington D.C. for a promising career in video game development? Post your answers below.  The company’s seeking about a dozen data analysts, Web designers, game designers and Java and front end developers. “We think there’s an untapped market for people in this area who want to… continue…

Citrix Systems Seeks Engineers, Developers and Consultants

Citrix Systems expects to hire up to 1,200 people this year, mostly in engineering and sales, at a rate of about 300 per quarter. The company’s looking to fill slots in product development/engineering, consulting and IT. It’s also looking for recent college engineering graduates. How much do you care about the location of a job? Tell us in the comments below. Citrix is focused on developing both mobile and cloud technologies, David Henshall, the company’s CFO, said in an email.… continue…

Objective C, Java Skills Needed for Mobile Dev [Guest Post]

This post was submitted by Sandi St. John. Smartphone application development certainly isn’t going away anytime soon, so mobile development is a good place to be. Let’s survey the field. iPhone development and Android are the key areas in need. On the iPhone side, Objective C developers are in great demand. On the Android side, someone with front-end experience in Java, Java FX, Swing, SWT or WPF will be popular. In general, talented individuals with experience in .NET, Java, or… continue…

Facebook Tells Job Seekers: Don’t Share Password With Employers

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Facebook for iPad failed to login.
Employers’ demands for access to a candidate’s Facebook account is spurring a backlash — from Facebook. Has an employer ever asked for your Facebook password? Let us know by posting a comment. This morning, Facebook advised users to decline such requests, which violates its own guidelines and, the company points out, undermines the security and privacy of users and their friends. As a user, you shouldn’t be forced to share your private information and communications just to get a job.… continue…