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Chad Broadus a is tech professional and writer living in the Pacific Northwest. Over the last decade he's knocked around high tech in many roles, wearing many hats: SysAdmin, IT Director, and Director of Products and Support, just to name a few. He's currently wearing the hat of a software product manager, and can be found doing insufferable things like giving impromptu pedantic lectures on the importance of typography and overall usability to besieged coworkers.

Women Over 30 Hard Core Gamers?

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We might want to rethink the stereotype of the teenage boy as the supreme gamer.  A recent survey by MocoSpace looked at gaming habits on PC, console, and mobile, and concluded that women over 30 rein supreme in average hours per day on the mobile platform. Overall, 21 percent of the survey’s 15,000 respondents spent an hour or more playing mobile games each day. But the report’s most surprising finding may be that 27 of percent of women over 30 spend… continue…

A Cure For The “Sitting Disease”

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Perhaps the biggest downside of working in the tech industry is that most of us sit at a desk all day long.  Over a career, that adds up to A LOT of sitting, and as researchers have recently told us, that much sitting is literally killing you. According to a really entertaining and informative visual lecture by Dr. Mike Evans though, there is an inexpensive “medicine” that has a strong clinical track record of curing the “sitting disease.”  Walking.  Yes, good old… continue…

Jerry Yang Resigns All Positions At Yahoo!

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Yahoo Logo
Yahoo’s Jerry Yang resigned from the company’s board and all other positions he holds atYahoo!, including those with Yahoo Japan and the Alibaba Group. The move comes as no real surprise. Yahoo! is struggling, and shareholders are still sore with Yang for turning down a $47.5 billion offer by Microsoft back in 2008. Can CEO Scott Thompson pull off a rescue? Blogger Robert Cringley doesn’t think so. I think the Yahoo board punted by hiring Scott Thompson, who is either a stooge for… continue…

Still Hungry For A Job? You Might Try China

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Great Wall of China
If you’ve been unemployed for longer than you care to count, a job in China may just be the ticket.  In a recent op-ed in the New York Times, Jonathan Levin describes his path from being an overeducated twenty-something, with degrees from NYU and Columbia, working a dead end job to happily employed expatriate in Beijing teaching American culture and English at Tsinghua University. On the opportunity in abundance, Levin writes: China wants you. Job prospects are abundant. The effects of the Great Recession of… continue…

Wikipedia Going Dark To Protest SOPA

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Wikipedia Blackout
Now that SOPA is on the ropes, Wikipedia is planning to throw a few body blows on Wednesday as it shuts down the English version for 24 hours.  During this protest period, the site will be replaced with instructions on how you can contact your members of congress to urge them NOT to support this measure. For millions of users, Tuesday night is going to be like that scene from The Future where the characters were feverishly looking up all the information… continue…’s Database Hacked

zappos has become the latest site to have to take the unpleasant step of emailing its entire customer base (over 24 million!) to deliver some bad news. We are writing to let you know that there may have been illegal and unauthorized access to some of your customer account information on, including one or more of the following: your name, e-mail address, billing and shipping addresses, phone number, the last four digits of your credit card number (the standard information you… continue…

Who Writes This Stuff!? Weird Interview Questions

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woman and man interviewing
Back when I was the lead interviewer at a previous job, I always liked to ask at least one nonstandard question to see the mental gears of the applicant turn.  Nothing too weird, just a couple I borrowed from James Lipton’s schtick from Inside The Actor’s Studio.  “What is your favorite sound?” or some such. On the receiving end, the weirdest question I ever got was not really a question, but an exercise.  “You and I are going to design a digital camera… continue…

CES: Canonical Unveils Ubuntu Powered TV

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While the rumors of an Apple TV still circulate, Canonical unveiled a real working Ubuntu TV at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  PC Pro is reporting that an Ubuntu powered TV will likely be on the shelves by the end of the year. “It’s a simple viewing experience for online video, both your own and routed over the internet,” Jane Silber, Canonical’s CEO told PC Pro. Movie streaming services will be supported as well as live television broadcasts. Canonical seems… continue…

Microsoft Awarded GPS Patent To Avoid ‘Unsafe’ Neighborhoods

Microsoft has successfully applied for a patent that can keep you safe in an unfamiliar city when navigating from your smartphone. Dubbed as the “avoid the ghetto” feature by CBS Seattle, the technology uses crime statistics and weather data to help pedestrians plot a course that ostensibly keeps them from getting mugged or exposed to harsh weather conditions. Apparently though, Microsoft is not quite ready to start promoting this kinda cool, kinda touchy feature.  CBS Seattle could not get a… continue…

Linux 3.2 Kernel Is Released

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Although a bit behind schedule, the new Linux 3.2 Kernel has now been released.  Codenamed “Precise Pangolin”, it boasts a mountain of changes, but here are a few that everyone is talking about. Improved power management Proportional Rate Reduction (PRR) added in the TCP stack for faster network performance File system optimizations Faster transfers of large amounts of data So get compiling and tell us if the new kernel is all it’s cracked up to be, or if the rest of us should… continue…