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Chad Broadus a is tech professional and writer living in the Pacific Northwest. Over the last decade he's knocked around high tech in many roles, wearing many hats: SysAdmin, IT Director, and Director of Products and Support, just to name a few. He's currently wearing the hat of a software product manager, and can be found doing insufferable things like giving impromptu pedantic lectures on the importance of typography and overall usability to besieged coworkers.

One Question You Should Ask During Your Interview

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When you’re preparing for an interview, of course you want to anticipate the questions you’ll be asked. But be sure to take the time to plan the questions you want to pose, as well. The best interviews are really conversations, as well they should be. You want to know if the position is the right fit for you—just as much as the company does. After all, your job takes up a good portion of your waking hours, so the company… continue…

SQL Resumes: Know What You Know

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Having recently written about artificially inflating your resume, I was amused to come across an open letter on SQLServerPedia to anyone who has the temerity to include SQL on their resume. Below are some of author Jen McCown’s tips. Data Types are Important If you have touched SQL Server enough to warrant a line on page 1 of your resume, you need to know some of the extreme basics, such as data types.  Data types are the fundamental building blocks of databases, so take a few minutes to… continue…

Want Feedback? Ask Your Teammates

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One of the many great things I picked up while working at Whole Foods Market was the concept of self generated peer reviews. Part of the “job dialogue” (annual review) included asking those peers who directly depend upon you a few key questions about how satisfied they were with your job performance. The feedback was anonymous and went directly to your supervisor for use in the job dialogue. I thought it was great and adopted it in my later positions with other… continue…

Did You Know reCAPTCHA Makes You A Translator?

You know those squiggly little word puzzles you have to solve to prove you’re a flesh and blood sentient being on many sites?  If the site was using reCAPTCHA, there’s a good chance that you were helping to translate old books, newspapers, or radio shows. reCAPTCHA is helping to digitize the massive catalog at Google Books and also old editions of The New York Times.  I know what you’re thinking.  Aren’t computers just scanning and “reading” the material?  Well, yes,… continue…

Candidate 101: A Few More Tips

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I recently came across a blog post that has some really good general job hunting advice for candidates.  It’s a classic top ten list, and below are some of the ones you don’t hear every day. 6. Don’t be afraid to be persistent! It’s one thing to shoot off an email and a résumé, but if you’re really interested, follow up: “Hi, my name is __ and I’m following up on my application of last Monday. I’m still very interested in the… continue…

A Good Credit Score = Employability

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Getting a sweet interest rate on your next loan may not be the only reason to have a good credit score. More and more, it’s becoming part of a standard hiring process, even for people who won’t have ready access to money in the course of the job. Kerry Hannon over at Forbes states that: Six out of ten private employers check the credit histories of at least some of their job applicants, and 13 percent conduct them on all… continue…

Networking Tips For The Introvert

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I’m not sure I’m a complete introvert, but I’m certainly not an extrovert.  I go to all kinds of events, but I’m terrible at schmoozing.  It can be tough to really put yourself out there and meet new people, but there is a path.  Dale Davidson recently shared some thoughts about this on his Dale Thoughts blog.  They’re pretty good, so I’m just going to re-post all three. Avoid large networking events. Go to the conferences and listen to the speakers, but… continue…

Google Bringing 1GB Internet To Kansas City

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Barbecue, steaks, and blues may no longer be reasons to hot foot it to Kansas City.  Google recently broke ground on a project that will have the lucky residents reaching blazing internet speeds of up to one GB. You read that right. One gigabit per second. The initial fiber optic network will come online on the Kansas side, but will eventually be rolled out into the Missouri side too, ultimately reaching over half a million people. But wait, Google isn’t… continue…

Closing the Gender Gap in Computer Science

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Computer science is largely a male dominated field, but there are trends afoot that are starting to at least chip away at that. In a recent episode of Spark, host Nora Young interviewed author Jane Margolis about her book Unlocking the Clubhouse and the computer science gender gap. In her research, Magolis found that women were more encouraged to pursue degrees in CS when it was couched in an interdisciplinary context, rather than hacking for hacking’s sake. When CS could be applied to medical research, animation, or… continue…

Google Chrome Is Safest Browser, Germany Says

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Google Chrome was endorsed by Germany as the safest browser currently available. This was a complete 180 degree turn from a 2008 recommendation by the  German government. What features put Chrome over the top?  Here’s what had to say about it. Chrome has various advanced security features including the Safe Browsing, sandboxing for untrusted content, automatic updates and built-in Adobe Flash. The German agency highlights all these features in its guide and recommends users to use Chrome to reduce the risk of… continue…