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Cisco to Kill the Flip Video Camera

Flip Video Camera
Cisco has been in the news lately after it disappointed investors with lower than expected earnings. CEO John Chambers credited the low numbers to a loss of strategic focus on what Cisco does best – routers and networking vs. telepresence and consumer electronics. And the company announced it was killing its consumer business, which includes the Flip Camera and about 550 jobs. With smartphones making a phone-sized dedicated video device nearly obsolete, I have to say that I love… continue…

The Dice Report: Remote Control

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Dice Logo
Ping pong, the imbibing of brewed malt beverages and monthly massages are some of the perks companies advertise to lure technology talent. Still, one option that technology professionals actually value is overlooked: telecommuting. Less than one percent, or 500 of the total jobs posted, on Dice mention telecommuting as an option. Yet, more than one-third of technology professionals said they’d cut their salary by up to 10 percent in exchange for telecommuting full-time. What’s remarkable is that even after two… continue…

Motorola XOOM a Flop? 100,000 Units Sold

We love hardware wars, and when it comes to tablets, Apple is still king of the hill. This week, Deutsche Bank estimated that Motorola has only sold 100,000 XOOM tablets. In its first week, the Apple iPad sold 300,000 units with total sales hovering around 20 million units to date. Industry watchers are split on where 100K falls in terms of hit/flop. Most are proclaiming it a dud, while Joe Wilcox at BetaNews is taking a different stance: Actually, XOOM is… continue…

LightSquared Wireless Network Threatens to Drown Out GPS

A new wireless broadband network is worrying experts, and for good reason. In January LightSquared got FCC approval to build a powerful wireless network that uses airwaves close to the GPS spectrum, essentially placing at risk, most commercial navigation systems, as well as the new multi-billion FAA program to upgrade the navigation systems used by the airline industry and air traffic control. One of the biggest risks is to the GPS navigation systems used by about 40 percent of commercial… continue…

Fuuvi Pick Flash Drive Doubles as a Camera

It’s a camera and a flash drive at the same time. Introducing the Fuuvi Pick, a $60 little novelty gadget that sports a 2 Megapixel digital camera capable of shooting stills and video, and recharges and transfers files by simply plugging it into any USB slot. Colorful, and perfect for the gadget junkie who likes to show off. Uses a MicroSD memory card and runs only on Windows. Sold by Audio Cubes via RedFerret

Twitter Enables “Web Intents” aka Embedded Tweets

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This week Twitter released a new set of developer tools that will enable bloggers to embed Tweets easily into their posts. Prior to this, the only way to show a Tweet from someone or about a topic of interest was to take a screen shot and paste it into your post. Not any more, my programming friends. Twitter had previously offered a way to embed Tweets with a feature called Blackbird Pie, but the resulting embed was lifeless. Users couldn’t interact… continue…

Water Leak Alarm Early Alert System

I just found the leak we all dread – water was everywhere and I had no idea my kitchen sink was having a meltdown while I slept. If only I had this helpful little gadget. “With this easy-to-use leak detector there are no buttons to push, no programming, no wires, and no batteries to insert. Just place the unobtrusive Water Leak Alarm in any potential flood zone: under sinks, next to the washer or water heater, in the basement. When… continue…

Logitech WH450N/GR 5GHz Router is Beyond Fast

logitech 5ghz router
My DSL connection is dog-slow, which is why I’m sitting here lusting for the new Logitech WH450N/GR 5GHz Router. Sadly, it’s only available in Japan, so it will be a long time coming, but a girl can dream. Check out this fact: The death-star looking router sports a whopping 450Mbps download speed. I am currently doing .69 Mbps, so you can see why a 450X boost makes me weak. But Are We Generating Electricity with That Antenna? It looks like a mini… continue…

Twimal The Talking Tweet Reader

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It’s cute, it sits by your computer, and it reads out your tweets for you. It’s Twimal, short for Twitter + animal. Personally, I’d smash it with a hammer by day’s end, but it sure looks cute. What about you?