Buckeye Bloom: Tech Hiring in Ohio

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Ohio may not equal tech in some quarters, but the state offers the Technology Investment Tax Credit which allows Ohio investors to reduce their state taxes by at least 25 percent on the amount they invest in qualified, technology-based Ohio companies. On Dice, Ohio has been a stand-out state, with more than 2,200 job postings on any given day, up six percent year/year.  We caught up with Brad Nellis, Director, Northeast Ohio Software Association for his insights In your opinion… continue…

iCrime: Apple Products Spawn Alarming Rise in Gadget Thefts

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They call it “iCrime” because a recent and alarming surge in smartphone and tablet theft — particularly involving products from Apple — have made walking around with one of these devices an increasingly high-risk activity. The Wall Street Journal ran a piece this week where reporter Rolfe Winkler suffered a broken jaw after he confronted muggers who stole his girlfriend’s iPad on a subway. In Denver, a man’s pinkie was torn off when thieves ripped an Apple bag from his… continue…

Adapting to Apple

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I don’t believe I have ever ranted about a product that I have yet to see or use, but bear with me and you’ll soon see why. There is some strong evidence that the new iPhone 5 will use a smaller docking connector rather than the current 30-pin model and if that’s right, it means buying an adapter — or many if you own a number of iPhone docks for charging, music, This isn’t the first time an Apple product… continue…

Military Tech

We don’t tend to cover military tech very often, but coming back from Memorial Day weekend, I thought I’d teach you all a new acronym. UGS, or Unattended Ground Sensors, is a technology that has evolved over time to become quite useful in monitoring battlefields, unguarded perimeters, and even borders safely, minus the collateral damage of land mines. In the Vietnam era, sensors were used with mixed results. Many lasted only a few hours or gave off false alarms, or… continue…

App-Athy: Why I Deleted Foursquare

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the explosion of interest in “Draw Something,” the Pictionary-style iPhone/Android app from OMGPop that broke an array of records – fastest to hit number one, most global — on and on, culminating in a lightning-fast $180 million acquisition from social gaming giant Zynga. It turns out most people like to draw on their smartphones now and then, and it’s certainly fun to do a bit of back and forth with friends. But drawing… continue…

Resume Integrity

The Internet press is abuzz this week over Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson’s alleged resume blunder. According to reports, Thompson’s background incorrectly stated that he had a Computer Science degree from Stonehill College when his degree was actually in accounting. We will leave debating the drama up to others, but the key thing this news highlights, especially in the digital age – misleading info on a resume can and probably will come back to haunt you. You may never be CEO… continue…

When is a BlackBerry No Longer a BlackBerry?

BlackBerry 10
This week RIM attempted to wow developers at its BlackBerry Jam dev conference, unveiling an alpha of the long-awaited BlackBerry 10. Rather than re-cycle what has already been said, I thought I’d address this upcoming change as a longtime BlackBerry user. My first BB was the very earliest unit made – it was beeper sized with a crude little keyboard. The fact that you could answer back your “beeps” was pretty amazing, and it all took off from there. Today… continue…

Silicon Valley Salaries Crack Six-Figure Mark for First Time in Decade

The Golden State is living up to its name and high tech and engineering-related professionals are cashing in. The Dice Annual Salary Survey found Silicon Valley-based tech workers received a five percent year-to-year increase on average from $99,028 to $104,195 – cracking six-figures for the first time since the survey began about a decade ago. The results underscore the strong hiring environment for tech talent in the Valley.  Melisa Bockrath, VP, Americas Product Group, IT at Kelly Services noted “you… continue…

3 Second Amusement: Google “Do a Barrel Roll”

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We interrupt your work-day for a three second moment of fun. Google “Do a Barrel Roll” and enjoy the show. Bonus points to the geek who can explain how it’s done. We will feature your answer here.  

Twitter Homepage Five Years Ago: “You’ll never be bored again…E V E R!”

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Twitter_when it was born
Tweeting may be part of the online vernacular, but five years ago even understanding the concept of Twitter was a different story. Take a look at this screenshot unearthed here from blogger Jason Kottke. The company, which originally went by the name “twttr” tried to explain its value proposition with the catchy sentence, “If you have a cell and you can txt, you’ll never be bored again…E V E R!” Source: Jason Kottke