Technology to Watch for in 2013

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What’s coming to technology next year? Despite what consultants tell, predicting the future is all about educated guessing as opposed to science. Still, guessing can be fun. So let’s see… Apple Just before the end of this year, Tim Cook decided to speak — a lot. As the new CEO, it was probably a very tough year for him. In an interview with Business Week, he said that “Apple has changed every day since I have been here” and that… continue…

4 Reasons Kids Want iHolidays

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Nielsen just released the results of a survey that reveals what a lot of us already know: Kids want Apple products this holiday season. The company also appears to have a lock on sales into the future as well. Apple products are the preferred gift for the elementary school set, ages six to 12, and slightly less requested by kids ages 13 and up. Four out of the five most wanted gifts overall are Apple products: iPad, iPod Touch, iPad… continue…

4 Steps for Effective Incident Management

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by Richard Turkel You can’t protect against all failure. If you could we’d never get to use the #fail hashtag. However, you can prepare your team to react well to an incident. You’ve probably already created your incident management plan, but what about the following four points? Did you consider them, or are they going to cause a problem or holdup when you’re trying to handle the incident? Perhaps you should have a look, just in case. Create a Communication… continue…

Why a Google-DISH Partnership Makes Sense

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All the rumors about Google and DISH Network starting a wireless service together got me thinking about the impact that kind of deal would have. Google likes to invest heavily in its future. When it has a goal, it usually can’t be deterred from achieving it. Just one example: Google+ was launched when Facebook and Twitter already had hundreds of millions of accounts. Analysts are skeptical and the social network has only a reported 170 million users, not near Facebook’s… continue…