Adam Fudala

A tech enthusiast from day one, Adam Fudala has been plugged in ever since his parents took off those plastic outlet protectors. Adam’s constantly taking the pulse on tech culture and kicking it with the Dice social team. And yes, he is that guy that stood in line for a new iPad. Once and a while, he makes an appearance on the Dice Blog Network. He has previously written for blogs like Adam's passions include social media, digital media, Kinect sports, and pugs.

Interview Question Contest! The Weirder, the Better

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The Internship
Interview Questions?! The Weirder, the Better. To celebrate the movie The Internship — and of course, tech careers — we’re asking you to submit your interview questions – challenging, weird, funny, we want to hear them. We’ll be hosting a Google Hangout on Nov. 4 with a recruiter, a startup expert, and a Dice career expert who will talk through some of the best submissions. 10 randomly selected winners will receive an Internship Blu-ray Combo Pack and a $50 Amazon… continue…

Tech Humor? We’ll Have a Second Helping, Thanks

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The Internship
What was the worst computer ever? Was it the Commodore VIC 20? Or perhaps the eMachines eTower 366c? According to the tech support team in the movie The Internship, it’s Compaq Presario Elite – the very computer Owen Wilson brings, with pride, to use at his new position at Google. We’re excited to share that Dice has been given access to an exclusive clip from The Internship movie. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson star as two laid off salesmen who… continue…

Time Again for the Dice Tech Holiday Wish List Sweepstakes

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It’s that time of year. The time when you contemplate ripping your ears off if you hear another holiday tune. Well, we suggest keeping those hearing orifices so you can listen to this: It’s Dice’s second annual tech holiday wish list sweepstakes on Facebook. The time where we celebrate what it means to be a geek by giving you an opportunity to tell us what gadget has you drooling. We’ll pick five winners and clean up the drool. And get… continue…

What You Want For the Holidays

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INFOGRAPHIC: Remember that sweepstakes we ran on our Facebook page? We’ve compiled the results into something easy-to-digest to let you know what all of your fellow-geeks are asking for. Spoiler alert–tablets are pretty popular. Happy Holiday from all of us at Dice. Oh and there’s a larger version here:

What Tech Item Tops Your Holiday Wish List?

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Dice Holiday Tech Wish List
Sick of the holiday commercials you’ve been seeing since, oh, it seems like Labor Day? Well suck it up because we’re about to fill you with even more cheer. Do you hate it when you are extremely specific about what’s on your tech wish list and you seem to get tube socks anyway? Even a gift card to go toward your purchase would be better than the un-cushioned, leg-compressing, fashion faux pas that you still somehow manage to smile through… continue…

Introducing the Dice Talent Network

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Now you’re able to network with recruiting decision-makers who have jobs to fill; share your resume with specific companies, while hiding it from others; and follow top companies to keep current with their updates – so you’re ready when an opportunity comes up. All on the Dice Talent Network. continue…

Win $25K: Dice Best Interview Ever Contest

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Ahh – it’s 2011.  Since it’s already the third of the month and your New Year’s resolution went out the window two days ago, we thought we’d recap the best tech jobs of 2010 (according to Money/ continue…

DiceTV: Geeky is as Geeky Does

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What’s it take to be a stand-out geek nowadays? It used to be as simple as wearing a pocket protector, but now you’ve got to bring out the big guns. During our recent visit to Gnomedex in Seattle, we met some pretty fantastic people with some pretty fantastic stories. Cue big guns. continue…