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Daily Tip: Check Out These Creative Resumes

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When most people sit down to write a resume, they stick to the standard format. Then there are those special people—call them creative, desperate, or just over-caffeinated—who want their resume to really stand out. They sit down at their laptop and think: Why restrain myself to words and bullet-points? Why not make my resume look like an e-commerce page, or an Instagram account? Business Insider recently featured some of those unique resumes. Here are some of the best, starting with… continue…

Daily Tip: Fresh Eyes on Cover Letters, Resumes

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In the early 1960s, NASA scientists reportedly omitted a hyphen from a guidance program uploaded to the Mariner 1 spacecraft, causing the latter to veer off course immediately after launch. Rather than allow the spacecraft to crash-land and possibly kill someone, NASA opted to remotely detonate the craft, arguably making that missing hyphen the most expensive typo in history. Leaving a few typos in your resume and cover letter probably won’t set the U.S. space program back a few years,… continue…

Resumes and Cover Letters Are a Package Deal

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  Tip of the Day Cover letters and resumes work best as a package, with the cover letter acting as an introduction to the skills and experience described in your resume. Every hiring manager is different, but for what it’s worth let me share how I use the two in combination: I scan the cover letter quickly, then go on to the resume and give that a quick read. Then I go back to the cover letter and read it… continue…

Infographic Resumes Aren’t There Yet

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Infographic Resume
An effective resume grabs the reviewer’s attention by painting a clear picture of the value you offer. And it has to do that with words, because so many companies use keyword matching technology to pick out resumes of interest on the first pass. That’s why most resumes are simple written documents, without a lot of images or graphics. That’s changing, though. Some – not many, but some – candidates are creating infographic resumes, documents that use data visualization to help… continue…

Are Traditional Resumes Passé?

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Has social media eliminated the need for the traditional resume? The short answer: Not yet. Although a great majority of companies use platforms such as Twitter or LinkedIn to source candidates, 77 percent always ask for a resume before scheduling an interview and 19 percent request one most of the time, according to a survey by, a pre-employment testing and screening software firm located in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. To be sure, there’s less need for a paper resume nowadays,… continue…

Even Software Wizards’ Resumes Must Focus on Results

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Superhero Engineer
Tech startups continue lean on snazzy titles — guru, rock star, wizard or ninja – in job postings, though these titles might be a means to compensate for lower salaries and small staffs, according to U.K. job site AdZuna. “Startups are usually small companies, so workers are often jacks of all trades,” Gabriel Puliatti, AdZuna country manager for Canada, told the Financial Post. “These companies are trying to separate out the people who like working for smaller companies. They’re saying… continue…

Resumes & Cover Letters

Tool Kit Home  |  Job Hunting Basics  |  Resumes & Cover Letters  |  Interviews |  Networking Resumes The Dice Resume Center: Free Sample Resumes We’re pleased to provide this library of free sample samples covering a range of IT jobs. If there’s a title not listed here that you’d like to see, just send an e-mail to editor at, and we’ll add it to our list for future updates. continue… Power Verbs for Your Resume and Cover Letter We’re pleased… continue…

Resumes: How to Effectively List Technical Skills

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By Jennifer Goforth Gregory You know the problem: Everyone who reviews your resume — whether they’re a recruiter, an HR staffer or the hiring manager — spends mere seconds on it and wants to decide just one thing: Is this person worth calling in for an interview? To make them think Yes, every part of your resume has to be well thought out and carefully constructed. In tech, one of your resume’s most important sections is your list of technical… continue…

Resumes That Get You Past the Screener

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Cat Miller
What’s a resume’s function? Plain and simple, to get you the phone interview. Just like you can’t open your front door with your car key, you can’t pass the initial screening without a resume that’s as organized and specific as it can be. Here’s how to create just that. For more of our resume advice, click here.

Resumes, Hobos and Human Machines [Guest Column]

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Striped Dress Woman (Credit to Bigstock,
Somewhere in the core of just about every technical professional’s brain is the desire to refer to themselves as a genius in their respective technology stack. Years ago I started seeing the emergence of words like “Evangelist,” “Guru,” “Torch Bearer,” and the like on resumes.   I get it and agree… you guys are brilliant and capable of incredible cutting-edge development in infrastructure and software. Each of your efforts support a vast array of non-technical personnel, essentially keeping life as we… continue…