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The Key to Interviewing at Google

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Wired has an excerpt from a new book of Google-centric workplace advice, written by Laszlo Bock, the search-engine giant’s head of “People Operations” (re: Human Resources). In an interesting twist, Bock kicks off the excerpt by describing the brainteaser questions that Google is famous for tossing at job candidates as “useless,” before suggesting that some hiring managers at the company might still use them. (“Sorry about that,” he offered.) Rather than ask candidates to calculate the number of golf balls… continue…

What Interviewing at Apple Is Like

Ever wondered what it would be like to interview for a job at Apple? Given the company’s intense secretiveness, news about the hiring process is often hard to come by. But one freelance developer, Luis Abreu, recently took to his blog to describe all he went through when Apple became interested in him for a position on its Developer Publications team. In short, it was an intensive process. “[Three] screening calls, 5 FaceTime interviews, a trip to Cupertino for 5… continue…

Daily Tip: Optimizing Your Interviewing Technique

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Prepping for a job interview? Here are some quick tips for optimizing your performance: Keep Things Short: Before you head into the interview, take out a watch (or activate the stopwatch function on your smartphone) and rehearse your answers to commonly asked questions. Each answer should clock in at no more than a minute and a half—at most. Job interviewers don’t like it when candidates ramble on. Keep Things Focused: If it’s not relevant to the position, chances are pretty… continue…

‘Who Else Are You Interviewing With?’

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Tip of the Day How do you respond if an interviewer asks who else you’re talking to? It seems like a straightforward question, but the wrong answer could carry some risks. If you say “nowhere,” might the interviewer think you’re desperate? If you name high profile companies, will they infer their job is second choice? The key to answering is to provide just enough information to satisfy the interviewer’s curiosity without hurting your chances. Upload Your ResumeEmployers want candidates like… continue…

‘Where Else Are You Interviewing?’

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  Tip of the Day One of these days, an interviewer is going to ask what other employers you’re talking to. There’s not really a graceful way around answering, so take the question head on and provide just enough information to satisfy their curiosity without hurting your chances. One way to do this is by describing the companies without using their names, or describing where you are in the hiring process. For example, say, “I’ve interviewed with a business intelligence… continue…

How to Answer ‘Where Else Are You Interviewing?’

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One of our community members asked: How should I respond when hiring managers ask where else I’ve been interviewing? If I say nowhere, they’ll think I’m desperate. Or, they may think their job is my second choice if I mention high profile companies. What do I do? This question requires a strategic response. The key is to provide just enough information to satisfy the interviewer’s curiosity without hurting your chances. Here’s how to do it. Describe the companies without mentioning… continue…

Five of Our Favorite Stories on Interviewing

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On the theory that you can never go into an interview too well prepared, we present this modest list of articles on how to be ready and sharp when it’s time for you to go eye-to-eye with the hiring manager: How to Answer ‘Tell Me About Yourself…’ The Truth about Piercings, Tattoos and Hiring Managers DiceTV: How to Ace a Technical Audition Interviewers WANT You to Be the One; Use That to Your Advantage The (Martial) Art of Interviewing –… continue…

DiceTV: Interview Tips from People Who Do the Interviewing

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When you’re looking for a job, it’s important – really important – to understand what the hiring manager is thinking, and what their bosses are thinking, too. So today, let’s get some insight into the corporate mindset – you know: the people sitting on the other side of the table. continue…

The (Martial) Art of Interviewing

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Chad Broadus has interviewed a lot of different people for many different roles: 3D animators, tech support, trainers, IT specialists, developers, and many others. While the information he draws out of them differs wildly, the basic interview framework is always the same. Potential employers are only interested in answering two basic questions: Can this person do the job, and will they fit into the team. Here’s his advice on making sure you give employers the right message. continue…

What Do Interviewing Managers Think?

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It’s interview day. You’re dressed to the nines and you’ve followed every tidbit of advice you could glean from business magazines and your peers. You walk into the conference room and, even though the air conditioning is cranked, you’re sweating. If you only knew what the interviewer was thinking… continue…