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IPv6 Address Registrations Enjoy 67-Fold Increase

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Recent data compiled from Akamai shows that the IPv4-to-IPv6 transition is well underway. continue…

Comcast, Time Warner See iPv6 Deployed By 2013

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IPv6 adoption is moving ahead rapidly, with companies like Cisco pushing the protocol and more developers learning to work with it. This week, Comcast and Time Warner Cable said they’ll extend IPv6 to more customers this year, and probably all by 2013. Last year, many companies reported an “iPv6 brain drain” as content providers pushed distributors to incorporate the protocol into their products and services. Speaking in Denver, Comcast’s chief IPv6 architect, John Brzozowski, said the company is “happily on… continue…

Internet Disruption a Possibility on World IPv6 Day

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Internet surfing may get a little bumpy tomorrow as a number of major Internet entities start putting the IPv6 protocol to a serious test. At present, the majority of websites run on IPv4 — a protocol that has served us well until this point. The trouble is that the available IPv4 addresses have all been allocated — they have run out. When the World IPv6 Day test takes place, a number of companies including Facebook, Yahoo, Google, YouTube, Cisco, Akamai… continue…

DiceTV: Watch for Jobs Needing IPv6 Expertise

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The global supply of IP addresses will run out between 2011 and mid-2012. That means companies and government agencies will convert to a new Internet protocol, IPv6, which will create lots of opportunities for tech professionals who know their way around. continue…

IPv6 Opportunities for Network Engineers

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IPv4 addresses are set to be depleted by by mid 2012, so U.S. CIO Vivek Kundra announced that all Web-facing government servers must be on IPv6 by FY2012. This presents a tremendous opportunity for tech pros who upgrade their knowledge to IPv6 and can help upgrade the feds’ infrastructure. continue…

‘Internet of Things’ Bubble Inflates to Peak Levels

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Recently, Gartner analysts declared the “Internet of Things” (or IoT) to be at the “Peak of Inflated Expectations,” trumping even the completely overblown “Big Data.” The technology industry is, unfortunately, driven by bright shiny objects, and venture capitalists are subject to a herd mentality, always looking for the next big thing. This produces very weird pseudo-markets such as “Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).” Click here to find jobs related to the ‘Internet of Things.’ This phenomenon is also fueled by conference… continue…

Extending the Internet to the Bottom of the Ocean

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By adapting TCP/IP to the difficulties of undersea networks, researchers hope to improve links for tsunami, weather and sea-life sensors. continue…

Is It Time For Servers in Space?

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The “Server Sky” concept envisions wafer-like servers communicating via microwaves, and maneuvering by sunlight. continue…

F5 or Fortinet: Who Has the Fastest Firewall?

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F5′s new BIG-IP firewall manager steals the crown from Fortinet—at least on paper. continue…

8 Interview Questions for Cisco Network Engineers

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When interviewing for a job as a Cisco Network Engineer, come armed with compelling stories of how your networking saved the day – or didn’t. It’s OK to talk about efforts that didn’t turn out so well, as long as you describe what you learned along the way. To many hiring managers, the learning is the key. The Cisco certification is designed to demonstrate that you can plan, implement, verify  and troubleshoot local and wide area enterprise networks. Interviewers want… continue…