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Check Out the Space App Hackathon

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Ever wanted to work for NASA? Have you fantasized about being part of Mission Control? While you might never get the chance to launch a shuttle or pilot a Mars rover, you can still contribute to the quest to find out more about the cosmos, thanks to a hackathon sponsored by NASA (with support from IBM). The International Space Apps Challenge will take place April 11-12, preceded by a live-streamed “boot camp” on April 10. Nor is it strictly for… continue…

Should Employers Use Hackathons to Find Tech Pros?

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Pop quiz: What’s the best way for employers to find suitable tech pros? A.) Post a job, sort through resumes, and interview candidates. B.) Host a hackathon, and interview those individuals who do well at it. Staffup Weekend is a startup (“it might evolve into a nonprofit, a shareholder corporation, or even a benefit corporation,” its website helpfully offers) devoted to a variation on Option B. It works like this: An employer presents a small project, which candidates tackle in… continue…

Here’s How to Win a Dice Hackathon

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An app that helps job seekers identify opportunities in distant regions was the winner of Dice’s first hackathon, held over the weekend of March 15 and 16 in Ankeny, Iowa, outside of Des Moines. The app, called Make Me Move, helps users search for positions they might not otherwise find, and allows employers to expand their recruiting efforts to areas that might offer a wider field of candidates. The app also provides salary comparisons to help users calculate the cost-of-living… continue…

Dice Plans Its First Mobile Hackathon

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Dice will host its first mobile hackathon on March 15 and 16 in Ankeny, Iowa, just outside of Des Moines. The event’s open to both professionals and students, and will award $10,000 in prizes in categories such as best overall app, best use of the Dice API and best student entry. Among other things, the projects will be judged on usefulness, technical difficulty, polish and creativity. The hackathon kicks off on Saturday the 15th and runs straight through until noon… continue…

Which Hackathons Are Right for Job Seekers?

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A number of IT companies stage hackathons as a way to identify and recruit the technology talent they need. But the people they’re targeting don’t always appreciate the effort. Indeed, these companies are experiencing something of a backlash. In a recent post on Hackers and Hacking, HackMatch founder Dave Fontenot notes that the reasons businesses stage hackathons and the reasons developers participate are “fundamentally different.” A very small portion of attendees want to be recruited, he contends, and those who… continue…

Women Who Code to Hold First Hackathon

The meetup group Women Who Code will hold its first hackathon beginning Dec. 5 in San Francisco. Though the group is usually reserved for “people who identify as female – queer and transgender friendly,” the hackathon, which is being held in collaboration with Chime for Change and Twitter, is open to all. Participants in the event – dubbed “ChimeHack” — will focus on creating a mobile app designed to support women and girls. The event will kickoff at Twitter’s headquarters… continue…

Zuckerberg Plans Hackathon to Spur Immigration Reform

Continuing its efforts to focus attention on immigration reform, Mark Zuckerberg’s political advocacy group plans a hackathon for tech-savvy undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children. At the hackathon, tech luminaries such as Zuckerberg, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, DropBox founder Drew Houston and Groupon’s Andrew Mason will work alongside the young participants. “Each team will create a project or application that could help supporters share stories, contact members of Congress or show family and friends why they want… continue…

How to Pick a Hackathon

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By Jennifer Goforth Gregory Hackathons are definitely not one size fits all. One developer may learn new skills and even get a job lead, while another may find the exact same event was a waste of time. Before deciding which hackathons to attend, think about what your purpose is in going. Are you looking to learn a new API? Do you have your eye on applying for a job with a specific company? Is your goal to win prizes? Or… continue…

6 Hackathons You Should Know About

By Jennifer Goforth Gregory While you may think of spring as the prime hackathon season, many innovative events are held in summer and early fall. Here are six that you should know about. HackN’ Jill #HackYourSummer June 7 to June 8 New York, New York While many hackathons are male-dominated, Hack’N Jill’s goal is for each of its efforts to include at least half female participants. Hack’N Jill hosted Hacksgiving last fall, which attracted over 51 percent female developers. The… continue…

Big Data Hackathon for the Human Brain

The Allen Institute for Brain Science decided to open its petabytes of brain data to a hackathon. continue…