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Detroit’s Turnaround Plan Calls for Tech-Skilled Immigrants

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With Detroit mired in bankruptcy, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is floating a turnaround plan based on an influx of skilled immigrants to fill a talent gap in the city’s workforce. He’s proposed asking the federal government to grant 50,000 visas over five years to international workers with advanced degrees as long as they move to Detroit. Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan is on-board. “In order for Detroit to grow again, we need highly trained workers to move in, open businesses and… continue…

The Place to Work Is In… Detroit

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Though Silicon Valley is generally considered the center of the tech universe, the top IT workplace in Computerworld’s rankings operates far, far away – in Detroit. Quicken Loans topped the magazine’s 100 Best Places to Work in IT list for 2013. In 2012, the company grew by more than 80 percent to 850 technology-related positions – it even was wooing workers laid off by Yahoo in California – and has been actively involved in efforts to revitalize downtown Detroit. Its… continue…

Five Stories About Jobs in Detroit

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Detroit’s private and public sectors have spent a lot of time and effort recently in trying to rebuild the region’s tech sector. They’re investing in training and working hard to get the word out about the open jobs there. But there’s frustrating news, too: They’re being very picky about who they hire. Good or bad, since there’s been so much going on, we thought we’d offer up five of our most recent stories on the area to help you get… continue…

Detroit’s Efforts to Build IT Sector Hits Some Bumps

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Detroit has been getting a lot of good press lately for IT hiring. Research firm IDG estimates 12,500 tech jobs could be added in the region area by 2015 and, indeed, a wave of hiring is under way: General Motors plans to bring back 90 percent of its outsourced  IT services work in-house. Quicken Loans, which is looking to add 300 IT pros, is among the companies that launched a campaign to lure the laid-off Yahoo workers from California. Project… continue…

Detroit Tech and Colleges Attack IT-Worker Shortage

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Detroit companies need IT workers, and if they can’t find them then they’re going to create them. A consortium of local companies and colleges have created a two-month program designed to give students and IT pros more experience to advance their technology careers. The IT in the D program, supported by The Michigan Economic Development Corp., currently has 32 students from participating colleges working with about 35 trainers from companies in the program. The students meet twice a week in… continue…

‘Detroit’: The Auto Simulation Game I Want to Play

Some game genres only exist as desktop games, board games, or mobile games, and not as multiplayer games. Even with the best artificially intelligent player, though, there’s something special about playing against human opponents. One such genre is business games, typically simulations where you can run an airline or a transport company, as in Transport Tycoon Deluxe, or TTD. There are two open source versions: openTTD and Simutrans. OpenTTD has a multiplayer mode for up to 255 players, but Simutrans… continue…

Jobs in Detroit, But Employers Are Way Too Picky

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Detroit companies are looking for analysts focusing on computer systems, network systems and data communications, as well as software engineers, network admins and systems admins. But even though they acknowledge a lot of tech professionals are out there looking for work, they can’t find people to fill these jobs. One professional told the Detroit News he’s been job hunting for four years. “I’ve been falling into this limbo area,” he said, contending that employers are being too picky. At least… continue…

GE Hires in Detroit, and Hiring in Space? [DiceTV]

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General Electric plans to hire 300 people at its Technology Center in Suburban Detroit…  Asteroid mining company Planetary Resources may need developers and engineers… and state governments are trying to lure people away from traditional tech hubs. These stories and more on the DiceTV Job Minute.

Philadelphia, Boulder and Detroit Luring Software Engineers

State economic agencies and local technology incubators around the country are trying to lure software engineers away from traditional tech hubs like Silicon Valley, New York and Boston. Is there enough job security for you in a secondary market? Tell us what you think in the comments below. The efforts are manifestations of the increasing demand for software engineers around the country. In Detroit, Shifting Code is offering software engineering training to tap into a new workforce. In South Florida,… continue…

Texas, Detroit and DARPA All Want You [DiceTV]

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Texas has a, well, Texas-sized need for Health IT professionals… Detroit is telling laid-off Yahoo workers: “We want you”… and can you conquer DARPA’s “Robotics Challenge?” All on this week’s DiceTV Update.