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4 Ways Business App Devs Can Leverage Consumerization

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It’s become clear over the past several years that the consumerization of IT isn’t going away as employees adopt new software and hardware for their own personal use, then introduce it into their companies. For enterprise app developers, the idea that consumer apps are infiltrating their domain may seem a bit frightening. But that’s the wrong attitude. Instead, why not glom onto the features that make consumer apps so desirable and apply them to the enterprise? Leyla Seka,’s vice… continue…

How IT Can Leverage Consumerization

“Most traditional approaches to IT security we saw last year were fundamentally breaking down,” said Brian Madden of during an interview at VMworld 2012. Last year at VMworld in Las Vegas, Madden and I spoke about the consumerization of IT. To summarize, Madden pointed out that the world of IT had changed because users are no longer beholden to IT to get services. The endless variety of available Web services means they can circumvent IT security policies and more… continue…

Six Myths About the Consumerization of IT

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There’s a lot of conventional wisdom out there about the consumerization of IT (or “bring your own device,” BYOD) and how it’s affecting the workplace. Much of it turns out to be wrong, at least if you believe the findings of a recent survey of 600 executives and IT decision makers in 17 countries conducted by research firm Avanade. Despite what you may think, businesses like it, they can handle it, and it’s not driven by iPhones. Here are the… continue…

Consumerization of the Enterprise is Happening, Stop Fighting It

Whether you like it or not, consumerization of the enterprise is happening. Employees are using digital products they’ve found or purchased on their own, and using devices like iPhones, iPads and Android and cloud services like DropBox and Gmail to conduct company business.  But many of them feel that IT’s answer to “Can we do this?” is usually “No.” “You could resist it and say no and miss out on great opportunities,” observes Tom Gillis, VP and GM Security Technology… continue…

The “Consumerization” Drain – Why Workers’ Personal Devices are Killing IT

The so-called consumerization of IT — workers using their own personal smartphones, laptops and tablets as work devices — may improve morale and perhaps even enhance productivity, but according to a new survey, it’s driving IT crazy. And with good reason. IT managers are struggling to maintain compliance, security and functionality across a variety of gadgets and operating systems. The survey of 750 front-line IT professionals, managers and executives conducted by Dimensional Research and commissioned by Dell KACE finds that… continue…

Consumerization and the Roles It’s Creating in IT

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DiceTV: As more people start bringing their own devices into the enterprise, there’ll be a need for someone who can answer any and all questions about any and all devices and services. Is that you?

Consumerization Continues to Baffle IT

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The “consumerization of IT” continues to spread, giving IT departments fits. The unavoidable trend is most recently highlighted in an IDC/Unisys survey that queried both users and IT pros. The big news: IT is underestimating the number of employees already using laptops, mobiles and tablets and knows IT is unable to support them. GigaOM turned the results into a funky infographic that shows just how fast consumerization is happening. Some highlights: 40 percent of devices used to access business devices… continue…

Tech Consumerization May Spur New Specialties

Years ago, when the Treo 650 was the hottest thing, my job was to provision, port, and train users on the device. It wasn’t long before I was answering questions about things like programming it to call voice mail and entering passwords with a single button. I came to know the every tiny feature. I was so often pulled away from other work to offer ad hoc support, I held a lunch to share answers and discoveries. I was no… continue…

You’d Better Like the Idea of Consumerization

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InformationWeek’s 2011 End User Device Survey provides more proof that the cloud, mobile devices, and dissolving fears around consumerization are dramatically changing IT and its relationship to the enterprise. Though no technology has been completely uprooted in the two years since InformationWeek began the survey, there’s more evidence that clearly defined trends are reshaping IT. For example: In 2009, 64 percent of the tech professionals surveyed thought screen size was a major barrier to smartphone use. Today it’s 51 percent.… continue…

How to Snag That CTO Job

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Chief technology officers (CTOs) need a mix of technical and strategic skills to perform effectively in the C-suite. But more than anything else, CTOs must be motivational leaders with the communication skills to rally the troops—IT employees and non-tech staff alike—around their vision. CTOs combine technical chops with managerial savvy, all in the name of aligning the technical needs of the organization with business and financial goals. “A CTO has to define the technology and technical strategy of the company and… continue…