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Daily Tip: CS Grads, Post Your Projects

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It’s a good economy and a strong tech market, which means that recent graduates with a computer-science degree have a pretty solid shot at landing a job with either a startup or an established firm. But that’s not to say the hunt will be easy, thanks to the sheer number of people entering the workforce at the moment. Click here to find entry-level jobs. What’s the best way to stand out from all those fellow applicants? In addition to customizing… continue…

Watch a Job Seeker Interview with Game-Maker Turbine

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Josh Green is a game designer and producer who’s been looking for work since the demise of Facebook game maker Asvathaa in mid-2012. To help him hone his interview skills, we arranged for Josh to sit down with Craig Alexander, Vice President of Product Development for Turbine, a developer of massive multiplayer online role-playing games. The video includes the interview, as well as Josh’s analysis of his performance and Craig’s feedback on his resume and presentation. Craig also has tips… continue…

4 Things to do When the Job Market Sucks

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One of the realities of the today’s job market is that fewer positions match the skills of the talent pool. The irony is that if you have a job, chances are you’re under increasing pressure as management piles on more demands. On top of that, there are bosses who are capricious, unreasonable or simply mean, and so make your life even more miserable. In other times, you’d have had the opportunity to find a new job through a straightforward search,… continue…

The Tools I’m Using as I Look for a Job

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One of the more frequent comments on Dice articles offering job search advice — including mine — Is this: You have no idea what you are talking about because you already have a job and don’t understand what it’s like to search for a job when you don’t have one. Well, I don’t have a job. I’m out there looking. Now, I’m a consultant. I expect jobs to end. But that doesn’t mean I like not having that paycheck come… continue…

Get Uncomfortable, Be a Success at Job Seeking

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How to Make the Leap to Management Through 'Discomfort'
Being a success at something requires you to get uncomfortable. You have to do things you didn’t do before until you become competent — and awesome — at what you are trying to do. We do not make the Pro Bowl or All Star game without going through a lot of uncomfortableness. Even great talent requires practice and honing of skills. This applies to getting a job. We’re not very good at doing it. You see, the least used job skill we… continue…

How To Be a Candidate Recruiters Will Notice

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Both here and on the Dice Discussion Boards are filled with comments from people who can’t find work. At the same time, companies claim a dearth of talent and recruiters have trouble filling positions. Kind of a disconnect, don’t you think? To figure out what’s behind it, I spoke with several recruiters. Part of the situation, they say, stems from their clients having to contend with certain common elements, while candidate brings individual circumstances to the table. For one thing,… continue…

You Can’t Decide About a Job Until They Offer It to You

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A lot of people here on the Dice Blogs and other career sites advocate for you, the job seeker. There is their advice, of course — some of it very specific in its intent to help you get a position. After all, we want you to succeed. Often, though, the reaction we get isn’t about the advice, it’s about the job itself. As in, the job sucks so why try so hard? As in that company sucks, so why put… continue…

The Truth about Piercings, Tattoos and Hiring Managers

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There’s no such thing as impartiality, Dino Londis points out. We all make hundreds of judgments about people every day. People’s prejudices don’t stop at the office door. And since the whole interview process is essentially one big judgment session, why would you think a manager would just look away from your body art? continue…

Career Doctor: Why Informational Interviews Can Help Your Job Search

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Dave Willmer on informational interviews: They’re a powerful way to expand your network and learn about different companies, industries and jobs. They can be particularly helpful if you’re an entry-level professional or are looking to change careers. While they’re not designed to lead directly to a job offer, they can plant the seeds of opportunities that may emerge in the near or distant future. continue…

Career Doctor: Repairing Self-Inflicted Online Wounds

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More employers are searching the Internet for information about job applicants, so it’s critical for candidates to actively maintain their online presence. And as hiring managers have become increasingly cautious about their investments in new staff, any red flags are likely to carry extra power. continue…