2 Networking Tricks for Shy People


Tip of the Day

You don’t have to be the life of the party to have a vibrant network. Select the formats and venues where you’re the most comfortable, and get the ball rolling by building a small circle of contacts. If you’re uncomfortable by yourself, go with a friend or colleague. That way, you can break the ice by making introductions and engaging in small group conversations. You may find it’s easier to get started by remembering that everyone’s in the same boat.

Another thing to try is the buddy system. Find a colleague who has similar networking goals so you’ll have someone to lean on. Another option is asking a well-connected veteran to be your mentor. That way you’ll not only gain networking experience, but you’ll get contacts, too.

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  1. BY Rob S says:

    I see…so in order to network, you need to contact your network and ask them to help you network.
    I recall when I first moved here and had no friends yet, and the job I tried to get didn’t pan out. I was basically running solo. So your suggestion is to grab all of my (non-existent) friends and ask them to join me in a networking venture.
    Sorry, but with no friends (or none in the “industry”), and not even sure where to go network, your advice is horrible.
    Obviously this was written by someone who is not a social outcast like so many IT people…

  2. BY Cicuta says:

    I cannot believe the baloney you write. Not even worth commenting on!

  3. BY Bruce says:

    If I wanted a sales job I would be applying for one. I got into IT so I could avoid all that bologna……

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