Watch as a Silicon Valley Startup Pitches a VC

If your dream is to start a company and make a fortune by taking it public, you’ve got to be thinking about how to pitch investors. After all, without money a fantastic idea, great market potential and talented team won’t amount to very much.

The challenge is to grab the attention of high-powered VCs. They’re inundated with proposals that come at them through everything from email to phone calls to in-person pitches at live events. To break through the clutter, you need a riveting story.

Recently, we watched as tagMap, which produces a social-networking app that introduces people based on common interests, presented its idea to Tim Draper, the noted Silicon Valley VC and co-founder of venture firm DFJ. You can watch, too, on the video below.

Here’s their pitch:

And Draper’s feedback:

Assess tagMap’s prospects for yourself as the company presents to Draper inside the Hero City Theater at Draper University. Click here to download a copy of tagMap’s slide deck.

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