Our Favorite Tech Billionaires

They spend their money on hobbies just like the rest of us: sports — except they buy teams. Homes — except they have lots of them. Charities — except they donate whole campuses. If we had portfolios that rivaled the economies of some small countries, we’d want to be like these folks.


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  1. BY Bob Berry says:

    If I had that kind of wealth after taking care of my family I would set up a fund to pay for middle class kids to go to college or a tech school of their choosing. It would be for those kids that don’t make the grades o win full ride scholarships to college or grants because their parents make enough money to disqualify them.

  2. BY Cat Miller says:

    I think that’s a very generous and thoughtful idea, Bob! It sounds like that cause is near and dear to you…have you had some experience with that?

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