Surviving a Technical Interview

Have you frozen during a technical interview, or been stumped by a question? Your answer should be “yes,” and you’re not alone. In fact, you’re everyone who’s ever lived through a technical interview.

“No one has ever gotten every question correct,” said David McCarter, who presented “Surviving the Technical Interview” at the 2012 Silicon Valley Code Camp.

Here’s some stand-out advice:

  • Know what you don’t know and admit it. Per McCarter, being upfront about where your knowledge exists and doesn’t exist is something the interviewer looks for. So be truthful.
  • Don’t be stumped by silly, logical questions. They aren’t meant to be answered correctly. They’re designed to see how you go about problem-solving and hear how you think.
  • McCarter recognizes that developers sometimes have a hard time expressing their thoughts. He advises putting the discomfort aside for the interview and allowing yourself to think out loud. 


  1. BY Samuel Adler says:

    Thank you David for this advice! I plan to review it a few times in the next couple of weeks as I search for my first tech job.

  2. BY David McCarter says:

    How did it work out?

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