Scott Guthrie on, Azure and Open Source

Scott Guthrie has made a big bounce at Microsoft. He was the key developer of and now he’s the Corporate VP for Windows Azure. At the 2012 Silicon Valley Code Camp conference, I spoke with Guthrie about and its tools, as well as the potential of Windows Azure and open source.

Here are some highlights from our discussion.

  • While the tools for are fantastic, it’s less so for Azure. Guthrie said Microsoft is trying to make Visual Studio the ultimate IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for cloud-based solutions.
  • Support for some scenarios are admittedly weak or nonexistent, such as data partitioning, data sharing, multi-tier and end-to-end diagnostics. Microsoft is working to build those out.
  • Most people don’t understand that Azure has the unique ability to do PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) together. In a way they can partner and be competitive with services such as Rackspace and Amazon EC2.
  • Microsoft is embracing more open source technologies. This will allow you to simultaneously use a combination of tech in the Microsoft ecosystem and the open source ecosystem.


  1. BY DougB says:

    That guy looks like a wenie! And sounds like one too. What a bunch of BS. Enough to make anyone choke.

  2. BY Wizgod says:

    Hey now. this guy is trying. trying to further the agenda of microcrap but trying none the less.

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