3 Steps To Avoid Embarrassing Yourself Online

Recruiters and employers look at your social media profiles, so you should always make sure there’s nothing out there you don’t want them to see. But even if you diligently practice the basics, you still might have an image problem unless you follow these steps.

Cat Miller


  1. BY John says:

    Hence that is why I look at them. Just as they do I do to them. I never give a real facebook name or a real location. Simply put. Waste of time…..;)

  2. BY Jimmy Lozano says:

    don’t be mean CAT
    We know that your videos are funny with true comments…
    But… Why you put a picture of you looking like the most angelical, strong and beautiful woman you are…???
    the only comment bad about you I’ll put in google going to be this:

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