IT Women See Unemployment Gap Widen [DiceTV]

Life isn’t always fair. And recent IT unemployment rate figures call that out. In May, the unemployment rate for women in computer and mathematical occupations stood at 6.8 percent, whereas men faced a mere 2.3 percent unemployment rate, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And it’s not just a one-month blip.


  1. BY Marcus says:

    African American unemployment rate is 7.6%, Where are the stories on that.

  2. BY Anonymous says:

    This article about Women in IT not about AA employment. By the way, Women would cover all ethnicities of women.

  3. BY Computer Science Grad says:

    Implying, stating, or suggesting that a contributing factor for the increased unemployment gap in computer and mathematical occupations for women could be due to them ending up in roles as Project Manager, Help Desk, Admin, Programming, and Middle Management, and/or that women are generally favored for custody in a divorce because their ability to pick up and go where a job may need to take them defies logic and common sense. Men still hold the majority of the Project Manager, Help Desk, Admin, Programming, and Middle Management roles in the IT industry. All IT jobs are not in a “tech center”. And where does the job want to take IT professionals? Women have not been generally favored for custody in a divorce in at least 20 years. Custody is divided 50/50 among the parents with a total disregard for what is in the best interest of the child(ren). There should not be an unemployment gap between men and women in the IT industry. There should only be qualified men and women employed in the IT industry. Many men and women may have difficulty securing employment, possibly, because many companies are not willing to hire entry-level IT professionals. Some companies are asking for years of skill and experience for entry-level salary while expecting the IT professional to perform the duties of developing in multiple programming languages, knowing business intelligence, IT and more.

    What are some real reasons for the gap?

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