Google Opens Summer of Code For College Students

GoogleRegistration for Google’s Summer of Code has opened up, so if you’re a college student interested in being paired with a mentor to work with open source, here’s your chance. Besides getting some real software development experience, it’s a chance to begin developing — or bolster — the professional network that eventually could help you find a job.

Mashable has a nice summary of how the program works.

From Tuesday until Friday, April 6 at 19:00 UTC, interested students can submit a proposal to work on the project of their choice to the mentoring organizations via the Summer of Code website. The highly competitive program allows students to submit proposals to more than one project, but advises focusing on quality over quantity.

You’ve only got a week to submit your application, though. Registration closes next Friday, April 6.


  1. BY L says:

    If only I knew how to code! Looks like an excellent opportunity though.

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