Microsoft, LG Sign Patent Agreement Covering Android, Chrome OS Devices

Microsoft and LGIn a recent effort to secure their domination, Microsoft and LG Electronics signed a confidential patent agreement that covers LG products running Android or Chrome OS.

Microsoft’s Intellectual Property Group corporate vice president Horacio Gutierrez said that with their 10 previous agreements which included HTC, Samsung, and Acer, “this agreement with LG means that more than 70 percent of all Android smartphones sold in the U.S. are now receiving coverage under Microsoft’s patent portfolio.”

The move is good for Android devices because they now have Microsoft backing them up on an eventual patent war with Apple. On the other side, Microsoft is also enjoying an undisclosed fee that Android phone manufacturers agreed to pay in order to use Microsoft’s patent portfolio. In the past, HTC agreed to pay Microsoft a $5 fee per each handset. Surprisingly, Motorola Mobility refused to take a license from Microsoft, according to fosspatents. This means that we could possibly see a new patent war between Microsoft and Google in the near future.

Read more details in Microsoft’s press release:

Microsoft and LG Sign Patent Agreement Covering Android and Chrome OS Based Devices

Agreement provides broad coverage under Microsoft’s patent portfolio.

REDMOND, Wash. — Jan. 12, 2012— Microsoft Corp. and LG Electronics have signed a patent agreement that provides broad coverage under Microsoft’s patent portfolio for LG’s tablets, mobile phones and other consumer devices running the Android or Chrome OS Platform. The contents of the agreement have not been disclosed.

“We are pleased to have built upon our longstanding relationship with LG to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. Together with our 10 previous agreements with Android and Chrome OS device manufacturers, including HTC, Samsung and Acer, this agreement with LG means that more than 70 percent of all Android smartphones sold in the U.S. are now receiving coverage under Microsoft’s patent portfolio,” said Horacio Gutierrez, corporate vice president and deputy general counsel, Intellectual Property Group at Microsoft. “We are proud of the continued success of our program in resolving the IP issues surrounding Android and Chrome OS.”

Microsoft’s Commitment to Licensing Intellectual Property

The agreement with LG expands upon a pre-existing agreement, and it is another example of the important role IP plays in ensuring a healthy and vibrant IT ecosystem. Since Microsoft launched its IP licensing program in December 2003, the company has entered into more than 1,100 licensing agreements and continues to develop programs that make it possible for customers, partners and competitors to access its IP portfolio. The program was developed to open access to Microsoft’s significant R&D investments and its growing, broad patent and IP portfolio.

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