Introducing the Dice Tech Talent Communities

CommunityWe’ve just launched the first of a series of communities built around specific areas of tech. Honestly, they’re pretty cool.

Each covers industry trends, best practices, current news and job hunting, along with calendars of upcoming events, links to resources and tutorials, and employers hiring in the area. And, you can jump into discussions with the professionals who run them, as well as other users.

And the first three are:

Check them out and watch for the others we’ll be launching. Alice wants 20 of them by the end of 2012. If you’ve got suggestions on what they should be, email me or post a comment below.


  1. BY Mike says:

    Can you post the complete list?

  2. BY Alexandra Dendy says:

    Would love one for business analysts!

  3. BY Donnell Williams says:

    IT Quality Assurance would be a great community.

  4. BY The Nightcrawler says:

    What about one for those of us who work in Tech Marketing?

  5. BY Mark Feffer says:

    Thanks, all — I’ll look into all of these. The one’s on our list for now are:

    New York
    Business Intelligence
    Big Data
    Data Warehouse
    Windows 8
    Systems Admin
    Mobile Game Development

  6. BY Mark Feffer says:

    I’m not exactly sure of Southeast Michigan, but it seems like a lot of community colleges offer courses in Remedy, so I’d start by giving them a call, and also a local workforce development office. Another good starting point is BMC Software’s education page at They’ve got a bunch of online courses.



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