Dice’s Mobile App (Shameless Self Promotion)

Dice’s mobile app lets you search by keyword and location for tech jobs and keep up with news from the world of IT, anytime and anywhere. It’s available for Android and iPhone, and is coming soon to the Blackberry.

From our Marketing Queen Maria:

The Dice Job Search app gives you the edge you need to find and apply for the right tech job. Using the resume and cover letter from your Dice.com account, you can immediately apply for jobs—or email them to yourself or a friend.

The Dice.com Job Search app gives you convenient access to a wide variety of tech job postings like software engineer, systems administrator, DBA, project manager and thousands more. You can even read articles from Dice News and stay on top of the latest trends.

If you’re registered with Dice, you can use your existing resume and cover letter. Or, you can e-mail jobs directly from the app.

It’s free, by the way. You can see details here.


  1. BY It's a Gadget says:

    That’s great, well done!

  2. BY Amit says:

    Why you are using Blackberry in you Promotion pictuer is you dont have Blackberry Application, its misleading.

  3. BY Alex Villarreal says:

    waiting for the BB app…hurry!!!!! :D

  4. BY Michelle says:

    I tried the app on Android in past, has there been an update recently?

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