How to Survive the First 90 Days (Video)

These days, new employees start out on probation
so managers can evaluate their performance and organizational fit.
Unless you meet expectations during the first 90 days, you could be sent
packing before your marriage is final. Here’s how to make it work.



  1. BY unknown says:

    dont have one

  2. BY Barbara says:

    Using over 50 is an excuse… how many hours per day do you spend looking for a job?

  3. BY unknown says:

    Great tips and suggestions, but this presenter was overly dramatic in her presentation.

  4. BY FYTHELER says:

    Heck, at OVER 50, I can’t even get a interview!

  5. BY FYTHELER says:

    Is THIS a joke?

  6. BY Shawn says:

    Common sense, but sadly not so common. Thanks for educating the masses.

  7. BY DanP says:

    Well done. While the acting wasn’t inspiring it could land you a spot on a Nancy Myers flick.

    But you offer good advice. Better to bite the tongue than bit the hand that feeds.

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