DiceTV: The Footage Cat Didn’t Want You to See

Cat’s off for the holidays, but she left this special edition of DiceTV for your New Year’s viewing pleasure.

DiceTV: The Footage Cat Didn't Want You to See


  1. BY Joe Bolanos says:

    Dear Cat,

    When the summer arrives, will we watch you in swimsuit again ?

    You looked great !


  2. BY Bob Hollingsworth says:

    Cat, Too funny, thanks for the fun, we watched it over and over.

  3. BY Robert Emminger says:

    *huge sweat drop* Ok, wonder if my health insurance covers the mental damage of this video.

  4. BY EX-FLEX says:

    Thank you Cat Miller’s wit is appreciated in these stressful times.

  5. BY Harry Henriques says:

    Cat, You crack me up. Keep doin’ what you do.

  6. BY Robert says:

    cat is the best..I will leave it at that.;)

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