Friday’s News: Now is the Time to Develop Cybersecurity Skills

DHS Cybersecurity Chiefs Speakout [InformationWeek]

Jobs Report for San Jose Region []

Where the Jobs Are []

"No Poaching" Agreements Threaten Silicon Valley Tech Careers [CIO]

You Say You Want a CIO Revolution? [InformationWeek]

Drug, Biotech Research Spending Hangs Tough [BusinessWeek]

Telcos Need to Ramp Up R&D to Stay Competitive [BusinessWeek]

Should a Small Company Send Tech Jobs Offshore? []

Five Lab Technologies That Could Reinvent Cell Phones [NetworkWorld]

Intel Raises Revenue Estimate for Current Quarter [NYT]

Facebook Alters Privacy Controls Amid Probe [WSJ]


AOL Taps Time Warner Cable Deputy CFO [WSJ]

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