Thursday’s News: When Tech Job Descriptions Get Funky

Do Colorful Tech Job Descriptions Work? []

U.S. Employers Grow More Optimistic [WSJ]

IT Execs Predict Slow Recovery [InformationWeek]

Some Growth Seen in Tech Job News []

Employees Boost Their 401K Contributions [WSJ]

Silicon Valley Still Center of Tech World []

Cellphones Largely Immune to Viruses, for Now [NYT]

Google Caffiene FAQ: Your Questions Answered [CIO]

Ten Cool Things You Didn’t Know About Google [NetworkWorld]

Microsoft, Nokia Aim at Blackberry [WSJ]


Handmark Appoints Jason Ford to Lead Mobile Games Development [Handmark via BW]

Jerry Bowman Joins Beacon Solutions as Senior Vice President of Global Solutions [Beacon via BW]


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