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Productivity Worksheet
Tips for Lifehacking Your Productivity Even before setting foot in Iceland this April, I felt as if I had already met the 16 or so... continue...
Dimitar Petarchev
What’s the Best Font to Use for Resumes? Over at Bloomberg, there’s a very interesting discussion among a group of “typography wonks” about the best (and worst) fonts... continue...
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You’re a Knight, Not a Bishop (Moving From Job to Job) Like a savvy chess player, The Career Playbook suggests that you should be thinking several moves ahead with regard to your career.... continue...

3 Trick Interview Questions That Trip You Up

Job interviewers love their trick questions. Whether hitting you with a difficult technical problem or merely asking about your biggest weakness, there’s no end of curveballs they can throw as part of the interview process. While they might sometimes seem needlessly sadistic, “trick” interview questions often serve a very important purpose for the interviewer. Because many don’t have a “right” answer, they provide insight into a candidate’s thinking process. Here are a few that interviewers love to throw out there:… continue…

Defense Department Wants to Fund Startups

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The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) wants to collaborate with Silicon Valley firms, Defense Secretary Ash Carter (above) told an audience last week at Stanford University. Like any massive enterprise, the U.S. military is highly dependent on cutting-edge technology. Unlike most companies, it doesn’t need to worry about turning a profit, which means it can spend decades and billions of dollars on even the most problematic projects, despite recent across-the-board attempts to cut costs. According to the DoD’s news service,… continue…

JavaScript Devs: Is It Worth Learning jQuery?

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If you’re learning JavaScript and Web development, you might be wondering whether to learn jQuery. After nearly a decade of existence, jQuery has grown into a fundamental part of JavaScript coding in Web development. First, let’s look at why jQuery came to be, and whether it’s still necessary. Then we’ll wrap it up with some conclusions on whether you should learn it. Check out the latest JavaScript jobs. In the early days of Web development, there were some problems that… continue…

Where Do People Work the Longest Hours?

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The average American works roughly 47 hours per week, according to data released last year by Gallup. That number includes commuting time, which in some cities can add several hours per week. But not all places are created equal; in which cities do employees work the longest hours? According to a study by the Office of the New York City Comptroller (and excerpted in Business Insider), New York City tops that list, with an average workweek of 49.08 hours. That… continue…

Apple Watch Teardown Reveals Its Big Secrets

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Apple Watch Teardown
Today is the official launch day of the Apple Watch, although many people will need to wait weeks—or even months, depending on the model they preordered—for their device to actually arrive in the mail. As Apple fanatics around the world rush to stores, hoping against hope that Apple will have a few Watch units available for purchase on launch day, the capable crew over at iFixit has decided to tear down the device in order to see “what makes it… continue…

The Developer’s Guide to Work-Life Balance

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If you’re a developer, every so often you’ll find yourself staring down the barrel of crunch time. At those moments, you’ll have no choice but to boil up several pots of coffee (or break open the latest crate of energy drinks), message your loved ones that you’ll be home sometime next month, duct-tape yourself to your desk chair, and grind away until the app or game or platform is launched… or at least won’t collapse the second anyone clicks on… continue…

Evolving From SQL Monkey to BI Pro

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The notion that business intelligence (BI) developers are no more than SQL monkeys who crank out reports is outdated. Companies need to handle increasingly complex data flows, so they’re looking for candidates with cross-discipline skill sets. If you want to distinguish yourself, you’ll have to do a lot more than produce a daily Crystal Report. Overlapping Roles According to David Yang, co-founder and lead instructor at Fullstack Academy, the increasing overlap between business intelligence and evolving fields such as data… continue…