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Microsoft Windows 10
Can Windows 10 Save Windows Phone and Tablets? Can Windows 10 succeed where Windows 8 failed? Windows 8 was Microsoft’s attempt to build an operating system for both... continue...
How Software Developers Can Switch Industries If you’re a frustrated developer who loves building software (and technology in general) but hates the job, you may be... continue...
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Apple Exec’s $73 Million Pay Hints at Salary Gap How much did Apple CEO Tim Cook take home last year? Roughly $9.22 million, according to Apple’s recent Securities and... continue...

Daily Tip: The Upside of the ‘Hybrid’ Job

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While most of us would be perfectly fine with sticking to one job, many folks find themselves taking on more of a “hybridized” role at work, often juggling responsibilities that, once upon a time, might have been handled by two (or more) people. We all know the programmer who’s also a manager, or the app developer who doubles as a social-media maven. In startups, this hybridization is particularly acute, with people taking on multiple roles in order to keep the… continue…

The Highest-Paying States for Tech Pros

Dice Salary Survey Map
This map requires Flash Player 8.0 or higher The average technology professional made $89,450 in 2014, according to the latest Dice salary survey. That’s an increase of 2 percent over 2013, and yet another sign of the technology industry’s robust health. When it comes to salaries, however, not all states and cities are created equal. Those tech pros living and working in Silicon Valley are the highest-paid in the country, with an average annual salary of $112,610—but that salary grew… continue…

Using Nintendo’s Power Glove as an Animation Tool

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Nintendo Power Glove
A generation ago, Nintendo released the Power Glove, a game controller that strapped to the player’s forearm. Although the device subsequently became an icon of the 1980’s, it didn’t sell very well at the time of release, thanks in large part to its unintuitive controls and poor games. But like a video-game character who plunges into a bottomless pit, the Power Glove has been granted a second life, at least when it comes to animating the popular Robot Chicken series.… continue…

How to Ace Your Interview With the CIO

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You sailed through your job interview with the IT manager, and you established a great rapport with members of the development team. Now one last thing stands between you and the job offer: the interview with the CIO. Fortunately, there are some winning strategies and techniques for impressing a CIO when there’s a lot on the line: Do Your Homework Some candidates admit that they have no idea what the prospective employer does when they sit down with Cheryl Correll,… continue…

Daily Tip: CS Grads, Post Your Projects

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It’s a good economy and a strong tech market, which means that recent graduates with a computer-science degree have a pretty solid shot at landing a job with either a startup or an established firm. But that’s not to say the hunt will be easy, thanks to the sheer number of people entering the workforce at the moment. Click here to find entry-level jobs. What’s the best way to stand out from all those fellow applicants? In addition to customizing… continue…

Meet HoloLens, Microsoft’s Attempt to Win the Future

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HoloLab Image Microsoft
Microsoft’s HoloLens seems like something out of a sci-fi movie—maybe Minority Report, or the remake of RoboCop. You slip the black plastic headset over your eyes, and the lenses overlay holographic images onto your surroundings: You can play Minecraft in your living room, for instance, or display a 3-D mockup of a vehicle design on your desk at work. Microsoft showed off HoloLens as part of its broader Windows 10 unveiling Jan. 21. In theory, a camera embedded in the… continue…

Finding Your Way as an Enterprise Architect

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Aspiring enterprise architects (EAs) have to navigate a winding, unmarked career path littered with inconsistent job titles, diverse duties and a plethora of frameworks in order to stake their claim in this emerging but confusing field. Brian Cameron, founder of the Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations (FEAPO) and executive director of the Center for Enterprise Architecture at Penn State University, thinks enterprise architecture is a hodgepodge of fiefdoms that desperately needs consistency: “The architectural frameworks and skill requirements vary… continue…